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18-year-old Aiden Agnor dies after a severe car crash fatally injuring him

18-year-old Aiden Agnor dies after a severe car crash fatally injuring him

Aiden was close to highway 58 when the fatal car accident injured him severely. Fireman Aiden from Kern country was injured two weeks prior to his death. he was treated in the nearby hospital for two weeks but he could not be saved. he was going to work on Keene Helibase.

18-year-old Aiden was dangerously hurt because of the heavy accident on June 28. he was a great fireman who spent his life helping people.

Fire Chief Aaron Duncan, said, “Aiden was liked and respected by everyone who knew him and has permanently influenced our department and our community for the better.”

“Until Firefighter Agnor is laid to rest, all Kern County Fire Department flags will be flying at half-staff.”

Gofundme page has been created for Aiden Agnor:

The family of Aiden created a gofundme to help with his funeral and his family. people have been generous and total amount has been collected $76000.

18-year-old Aiden Agnor dies after a severe car crash fatally injuring him

Gofundme page describes the late firefighter “a seasonal crew member assigned to our air ops program” throughout the union article. Agnor’s stepfather and uncle are described as “active members of our department” 

Aiden Agnore family and education:

Aiden was born in 2004. His family and education are confidential as of now.

Aiden was a great human being who liked to help people even in the worst of circumstances. being a fireman is one of the most courageous jobs on earth.

Aiden Funeral:

His family and department have not made any official announcement about the date and time for services. soon they will make an announcement to the public.

To honor the memory of hero Aiden there should be a proper funeral and service.

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