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2 Deshaun Watson accusations chat with Bryant Gumbel on Real Sports.

2 Deshaun Watson accusations chat with Bryant Gumbel on Real Sports

Soledad O’Brien got down with two of Deshaun Watson’s accusers to hear their side of the story, and their stories will appear tonight on HBO. Deshaun Watson has been accused of sexual misconduct by Ashley Solis and Kyla Hayes.

“He grabs himself and places his penis on my hand while I’m working. I immediately yanked my hand away and began weeping. And I told him I was finished. This is something I don’t want to do anymore, “According to an HBO preview, Solis remarked. “He did ejaculate at one point. That was humiliating, unpleasant, and revolting “Hayes explained.

How did Watson react to the charges?

Watson has maintained his innocence. On criminal allegations brought by ten women, two grand juries in Texas have declined to prosecute Watson.

Watson stated emphatically during his first press conference with the Browns in March that he had “never assaulted, insulted, or harassed any woman in my life.” He further stated that resolving the litigation outside of court was not an option.

Watson may face NFL suspension as a result of an independent investigation into whether he broke the league’s personal-conduct code.

Solis stated that she felt intimidated before Watson departed. “‘I realise you have a job to defend,’ he simply stated. ‘I know you don’t want anyone meddling with it, just like I don’t want anyone messing with mine,’ says the author. That’s when I felt truly afraid, in my opinion “Solis explained.

2 Deshaun Watson accusations chat with Bryant Gumbel on Real Sports

What did the accusers’ say when Watson was offered $230 million contract?

When the Cleveland Browns offered Watson a $230 million contract to be moved to the team, both ladies stated it was a smack in the face. “It’s the equivalent of a huge screw you. That’s how I’m feeling. That we are unconcerned. We’re interested in his ability to sprint and throw “Solis explained. Hayes added, “I felt like he was being rewarded for bad conduct.”

Watson may face NFL penalties, which could include a suspension. He is being sued by 22 women who accuse him of sexual misconduct. His attorney, Leah Graham, claims he is innocent.

“There are 22 females and only one attorney. Only one lawyer was interested in taking these cases. And, according to Ashley Solis’ evidence, Mr. Buzbee was not the first, second, or third lawyer she consulted, but he was the only one who accepted her case. Why? He would exploit these instances to enhance his social media following and, very simply, to get on shows like this one, not because they were valid “Graham explained.

Watson had no intention of having intercourse with any of the ladies, according to Graham. “Well, I’ll tell you that he went to every massage intending merely to have a professional massage, and that the three times where sexual behaviour occurred — consenting sexual activity — happened after the massage session had concluded. And Mr. Watson has testified and continues to assert that the plaintiff initiated sexual activity in every occasion “Graham said.

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