Björk Premieres VR Exhibition in Europe, Attends as Live Avatar

Iconic artist Björk takes her artistry to a new and technologically advanced level with the opening of Björk Digital at Somerset House London on August 31, 2016. The exhibition is being called “an immersive virtual reality (VR) exhibition” and is open to the public from September 1st through October 23rd of this year.

The Icelandic singer and songwriter attended the opening as a live avatar of herself, mirroring her movements from the comfort of her home country through motion-capture technology.

Credit: Bjork’s official Facebook

The artist notes the trailblazing moment as an empowering move for both her career and women. Below is an excerpt from her official Instagram account:

“Technology is enabling women to work outside the already formed hierachical systems. I appreciate that your curiosity is still there after all these years. Don’t take it for granted.”

An upcoming VR video for the song “Family” will be released soon and was directed by Andrew Thomas Huang.


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