Relive a Real-Life Nightmare With 'Saving Mr. Wu' (Well Go USA)

Original article published August 11, 2016 for Asian Movie Pulse

Saving Mr. Wu is one of the most uniquely terrifying movies you will watch this year. Step into a real-life nightmare as kidnappers drag Mr. Wu (Andy Lau) from the safety of his cushy lifestyle into a hell hole like he has never known before. As death looms dangerously close, Mr. Wu has to utilize every instinct in his body to save himself.
Face an outer body experience with Wu Ruofu as he switches from the true-life victim of a deadly kidnapping ring to Cao Gang, a police captain working feverishly to find Mr. Wu alive. Feel the chills run down your spine as Qianyuan Wang delivers a bone-chilling performance. He plays the emotionally void Zhang who orchestrates Mr. Wu’s abduction. Beside Wu Ruofu is Liu Ye as the intense vice-captain by the name of Xing Feng. Even more convincing is Andy Lau. Lau is at full perfection in this extraordinary reenactment of these non-fictional events.
The devastating events were captured perfectly by director Ding Sheng with not one moment of terror unaccounted for. The natural way it was filmed amidst everyday life amps up the fear factor to new levels. Your heart will race from the very first encounter to the very last. Your subconscious will send up silent prayers for Mr. Wu’s safety as your ears pound at the sound of every scream and cry out that pierces the air.
It weighs heavily on the mind to consider how difficult it must have been for Wu Ruofu to replay the events again and again. He is no doubt an inspiration for overcoming tragedies as his was so terrible that most would bend if not break if faced with the same conditions. Saving Mr. Wu leaves you breathless with renewed appreciation for life. This is not just a movie. It’s a testament. It’s a testament to the strength of a man and the heroism of the police force that helped him reclaim his life.

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