DAY6 US Fan Meetings Canceled Months After Being Postponed

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JYP Entertainment’s latest boy group DAY6 had been scheduled to hold their first US fan meetings from the 10th to the 14th of August, but the events have been officially cancelled as of July 28.
The band had garnered a lot of interest with their 2015 debut and intended to visit and mingle with fans in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Orlando, Fla. during the tour. Group photos and exclusive high-touch sessions were to be offered for select ticket tiers. Those who were looking forward to attending are understandably disappointed due to the very short notice and because the meetings had already been pushed back once before.
The stops were originally planned for April of this year, but management company Jazzy Group US was forced to postpone them due to “unforeseen technical issues.” According to the official statement, the reason for the ultimate cancellations is that there were problems along the lines of obtaining visas, but fans have speculated that ticket sales were also lower than expected.
DAY6’s fan base is dedicated but still quite small, especially when compared to those of their more established label mates. In early July, GOT7, Twice, and Wonder Girls released promo videos encouraging people to attend the US fan meetings, but their efforts didn’t seem very effective – GOT7’s was the only one in English, and subtitles weren’t provided for either of the videos from the girl groups.
It’s a very unfortunate situation all around for fans as well as DAY6’s members. The boys had been hyping the tour on social media for quite a while and even posted a goofy “English 101” video of Jae and Young K giving the others words to practice in preparation. With any luck, they’ll bounce back quickly and won’t let this incident deter them from attempting another US tour.

[ Jazzy Group US cancellation notice ]
[ Jazzy Group US original postponement notice ]
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[ DAY6 English video ]

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