K-Music Playlist: Drama OST Edition

K-Drama season is in full effect with recent releases of W, Jealousy Incarnate and Scarlet Heart: Ryeo to name a few. Besides the actual drama itself, what adds to it, is the wonderful OST (original soundtrack) that is playing in the background to set the mood. The OST of dramas play at certain moments (typically at the end of the drama) where a critical moment happens, and it definitely does add to the mood. Whether it’s a bright and cheery song to an emotional (and possibly tear-jerking) ballad, the OST of a drama really brings the show to life. Here is this week’s K-Music Playlist consisting of recent to classic drama OST that will bring on all the feels that a drama will give you. If you have not seen these dramas listed before, let this serve as previews for the drama and hope that you get the opportunity to watch them after listening to these songs.
Disclaimer: Linked videos may contain spoilers/teasers for the drama.
“That Woman” – Baek Ji Young (Secret Garden OST)
One of the most iconic songs from the Secret Garden OST. While there were many songs from the drama that could have made the list (maybe will be added in the future), this song is one of the emotional ballads from the list. With the soft strings and the addition of the piano to compliment Baek Ji Young’s soothing vocals, this song will surely take your breath away. This song also had a remake from one of the cast members of the show as well, Hyun Bin! Secret Garden is considered a classic and widely-known (and popular) drama and for those K-Drama fans out there who have watched this drama, can agree that this is one of the best OSTs that has been released. The drama stars Ha Ji Won & Hyun Bin.
Listen to “That Woman” by Baek Ji Young here!
“Everytime” – Chen (EXO) x Punch (Descendants of the Sun OST) 
Released earlier in 2016, Descendants of the Sun could be considered one of the best dramas to have been released in 2016. This is the first song from the OST that makes the list and is one of the brighter and happier songs of the list. Like all of the other songs on this list, this is another love song that is played between the two main characters of the drama. This is not the first time Chen and Punch participated in an OST for a drama but this is the first time collaborating together and their vocals compliment each other really well. Fans of Descendants of the Sun can agree that song is one of the most iconic songs from the drama! Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo star as the main leads of the drama.
Watch the “Everytime” official music video here!
“Always” – Yoonmirae (Descendants of the Sun OST)
Having her fair share of participating in drama OSTs, Yoonmirae makes this list as well. This is another slower, ballad-type song off this playlist and if you have watched Descendants of the Sun, this song definitely does bring “the feels” as a fan of the show. Yoonmirae captures the feelings of love beautifully through her vocals and this song is perfect for thinking about those whom you love the most. There is almost a feeling of nostalgia that the song brings and it surely is another great OST from this drama.
Watch Yoonmirae’s “Always” music video here!
“Say Yes” – Loco & Punch (Scarlet Heart OST) 
The most recent release in terms of airing of drama and OST release on the list. This is also Punch’s second appearance on this list. “Say Yes” is a sweet and upbeat track that captures the feeling of a blooming love. With Punch’s light and sweet vocals, she compliments Loco’s cool rap, adding to the sweetness that this song brings. Though this drama is recently released with a lot of high expectations, this song refreshing amongst the other songs from the OST. Due to the drama also being the most recent to release, a K-Drama fan can expect this song to be played during really sweet and cute moments that will occur during the drama, eliciting another round of “feels” that a K-Drama can bring. IU (Lee Ji Eun) & Lee Joon Ki are the starring leads for the drama.
Watch the official “Say Yes” music video here!
“It’s Okay, this is love” – Davichi (It’s Okay, It’s Love OST)
Last but certainly not the least on this list is from another powerhouse that have had their fair share of OST work for dramas. Davichi makes the list for another widely-popular K-Drama, “It’s Okay, It’s Love.” This is another ballad on this list and like the rest of the songs that are on this playlist, that showcases deep and powerful emotions. There is a sense of sadness within the song but also feeling the power of love. Davichi manages to always take breaths away with their soft yet very powerful vocals and this song is the perfect example. This is one of the many great songs that the “It’s Okay, It’s Love” OST and definitely one of the most iconic from the drama as well. The drama stars Jo In Sung & Gong Hyo Jin as the main character leads.
Watch the “It’s okay, this is love” by Davichi music video here!
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  1. OST’s in general are some of my favorite things to listen to, not only because they remind me of the movie or in this case drama that i’m watching. But, they are typically very powerful vocally as well as lyrically. I already knew and heard each song, however I havent heard the full OSTs of each drama yet so ill be sure to get on that after this post.

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