Nebulous Gaming NYC Presents 'Pokken Tournament'!

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Pokkén Tournament returns once again to Nebulous Gaming NYC, in collaboration with Jaystars, where participants and fans of the Pokémon fighting game can enter to play and compete to win a cash prize!
The event will take place on August 25, 2016 at the Nebulous Gaming NYC headquarters from 6:00PM-9:00pm EDT. The tournament will be streamed live where fans and others who cannot make the event can watch friends and/or favorite gamers compete in the tournament.
For more details on how to enter this event and prize breakdown, check the Facebook event page and the event page on Evensi here!
For more information regarding this event contact Michael Grant-Smith or Jonathan Sanchez at
What is Pokkén Tournament? 
For those who are not aware of what Pokken Tournament is, it is a game created by Nintendo and developed by BANDAI NAMCO, where players get to choose a Pokémon of their choice and battle against other users in a fighting-type platform, similar to BANDI NAMCO’s widely known fighting game, Tekken. Pokkén Tournament is available worldwide for the Wii U and can be purchased at any local GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy or ToysRus.
Visit the Official Website for Pokkén Tournament and check out what it is all about here!
Image Source: Gamestop, Google Images

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