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Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the NCT Corner of the MACG blog. This is where you can come for all Neo Culture Technology Updates. So if your new to rookie group NCT and the whole movement itself lets start with the basics shall we?
January 27th 2016 SM Entertainment‘s founder, Lee Soo Man held a press conference called “SMTown: New Culture Technology 2016”.  At the 36 minute conference he gave us the layout of the agency’s vision of its culture contents business for 2016 and the future including a 40 members performance. The 40 members are included with the NCT movement and introduced under the same brand name, “NCT” was introduced with a new concept never proposed before in K-pop history.  SM Entertainment’s new boy group will debut based in different countries around the world, there will be various collaborations and units formed between the different groups, allowing for movement of members and new recruits into the groups. There also won’t be a set member number for these groups. Without his presentation, Lee Soo Man also repeatedly mentioned the “hallyu localization” of the world and it will start with the music of new boy group NCT.
Watch the full conference below with english subtitles below:

Since the press conference back in January the activities of NCT have become very active, releasing 3 sub units so far under SM’s guide.


NCT U was the first group to debut with its powerful song “The 7th Sense” and dance EDM ballad “Without U” in April. All members in this sub-unit includes; Taeil(Korea), Taeyong(Korea), Ten(Thailand), Doyoung(Korea), Jaehyun(Korea) and Mark(Canada).
All NCT U members participated in producing “The 7th Sense” a hip-hop concept with a heavy base sound. listeners are introduced to the music video which shows the performance and dance skills of the group below:

As for “Without You,” members Taeil, Jaehyun, and Doyoung created the perfect dance EDM song in two different languages:

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NCT 127

NCT 127 debut in July 2016 with seven members: Taeil, Taeyong, Yuta(Japan), WinWin(China), Jaehyun, Mark and Haechan(Korea.) Their single off of the first mini-album is called “Fire Truck” a catchy song which fuses music genres including EDM and Hip-Hop with a powerful bass and rhythmical percussion throughout the song.
NCT itself has proven to have powerful choreography in their live performances and MV and its no different for this sub-unit:

Also NCT 127 was promoting another single of their self-titled album called “Once Again” which showed a softer side of the SM boys. See their live debut performance below:

Many(if not all) of these boys have been featured on many ‘SM Rookie’ specials and performances leaving a huge fan base even before an official NCT debut from fans all over the world. SM has also made a reality show for the group hosting the members in different parts of the world, such as Bangkok and Seoul and the newest editon Paju(which you can read my episode review here)


Last but not least, well actually the most controversial topic yet to come from NCT is its most recent sub-unit consisting of 7 of NCT’s youngest members ranging from ages 14-17(international age) That means someone was born in 2002! The video was just released on August 24th but already has over 5 million views.
I’ll let you watch the video and leave you with your thoughts until I comeback next week with a full rundown on the unit and its tiny members:

All of NCT’s members has shown that their hard training in everything they do has been carried out with a hint of perfection in any genre, dance or talent they have pursued to shown us so far…
I, as well as the rest of the world highly anticipate more debuts and concepts from them.
This has been your brief but informational update on ‘To the World!’ hope you come back next week to get the full review as well as opinion on NCT DREAM.

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  1. This article was extremely informative ! When the 7th Sense came out I was like who is that ? The song is straight up dope. I saw NCT then started hearing about NCT 127. I was so confused but who has time to try to figure it out ? I think writing an article on this particular group was a perfect choice. It was also a brilliant move on the part of their management company to create something so unique in the Kpop industry. EXO has already followed suit and I wonder who’s next.

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