GOT7 Releases Full Schedule & Tracklist for 'Flight Log: Turbulence'

While leaks regarding their comeback had already been spreading on social media beforehand, GOT7 officially posted information about their upcoming album Flight Log: Turbulence on Sept. 16 at midnight KST. Following Flight Log: Departure, this album will be the second in the series, and the title and graphics so far indicate a darker theme this time around.
The schedule lists that multiple teasers, spoilers, and a V Live broadcast will be uploaded in the days leading up to Sept. 27, which is when the album and music video will go live. All updates save for the V Live stream will be added to the official website as they’re released, but they’ll likely show up on GOT7’s Facebook and Twitter accounts as well.
Yesterday’s track list reveal shows that the album will have 13 songs and “하드캐리 Hard Carry” will be the title track. According to the credits, all seven members had a hand in crafting some of the songs, and the ones they’ve contributed to are as follows:
JB: skyway, Prove It, 니꿈꿔 Dreamin’
Mark: 노잼 No Jam, My Home, 만약에 If, 아파 Sick, Let Me
Jackson: Boom x3, 노잼 No Jam, 아파 Sick
Jinyoung: Mayday
Youngjae: HEY, 아파 Sick
BamBam: 노잼 No Jam, 만약에 If, 니꿈꿔 Dreamin’
Yugyeom: 노잼 No Jam

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