Reality Idol: TWICE TV

EP.01 “School Meal Adventure”

Twice is back with another reality show! Before I even clicked play I expected to see all nine JYP beauties once more with a different concept but I only saw three.. Kim Dahyun, Son Chaeyoung and Chou Tzuyu also known as the maknae line in TWICE. The concept of this show is “급식단의 대모험” which roughly translates to “School Meal Club’s Great Adventure”. All three girls are still students and we watch as they spend their time in an arcade. Wearing their school uniforms they first decide to play a two-player game with three of them, yes it got a little complicated but maknae Tzuyu made it work by being the helpful Dongsaeng that she is also lending hand, well foot in dance revolution to her Unnie Dahyun but their four feet were no match for Chaeyoung’s who won against them, twice! Next up was the thing every girl must do in an arcade especially if you are with your best friends… Pictures!! The girls spent most of the episode taking super aegyo photos and then proceeded to edit them with some serious focus. I mean, look at Dahyun’s concentration:
Then Chaeyoung had her first 3-D simulator experience with her manager Unnie. I have no idea what she was looking at but by her big expressions and loud screaming(which she’s known for in TWICE as one of the loudest members) it seemed like it was “Daebak” because that’s constantly what she kept saying.
The girls wrapped up their playtime with a lunch date just the three of them. They shared some tteokbokki, soondae and spicy noodles as they did a 6 minute V-app broadcast and us as TWICE TV viewers got to see the behind the scenes of a live broadcast which was interesting. After their meal which Dahyun thought was “too much” they ate well and said goodbye to us viewers asking us to “look forward” to more ‘School Adventures’  from the maknae line.

I personally look forward to more ‘School Adventures’ from Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu. This concept seems raw and very unscripted in the sense that there were not a lot of dialog between the TWICE maknaes and it’s viewers, they it seemed unaware that the camera was there until the end of the video (besides maknae Tzuyu who always has a million and one questions). It seemed refreshing to see three young girls have fun during a long day of school.

You can watch 1/3 of TWICE enjoy arcade heaven in Ep.01 here. Look out for my review on the second episode coming soon!


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