A Brief Intro to K-Pop Merch

The K-pop industry often dazzles longtime fans and newcomers alike with its flashy videos and performances, but not everyone knows that the same level of creativity carries over into how most albums and other merchandise are handled. Companies have a lot of room to experiment and frequently take the opportunity to do so. From fancy jewelry to kitschy decorations, this list will hopefully give you a peek into the nifty world of K-pop merch.

Accessories & Apparel


  • iKon Sleeping Mask
  • GOT7 Signature Necklace (Jackson ver.)
  • Monsta X Bandana
  • BTS “HYYH On Stage” Socks
  • Epik High Shirt
  • BIGBANG “0.TO.10” Cheering Towel

Cushions & Pillows


  • 2PM “Class of 2PM” Mini Cushion
  • BEAST “Ordinary” Pillow
  • f(x) “Red Light” Cushion Cover
  • GOT7 SBS Awards Festival Cushion

Figures & USBs


  • BTS Hip Hop Monster 16cm Figure
  • BIGBANG “Made in Seoul” Art Toy
  • Shinee “The Horror Show” Paper Toy
  • Exo Bluetooth Speaker (Chanyeol ver.)
  • GOT7 “Just Right” USB Album
  • B.A.P Matoki USB

Light Sticks


  • B1A4
  • BIGBANG (ver. 4)
  • Winner
  • Apink
  • Beast (ver. 2)
  • iKON (Konbat)



  • Jonghyun “She Is” L-Holder
  • BIGBANG “MADE Final in Seoul” Ballpen Set
  • PSY “Happening” Notebook
  • Winner “Exit Tour in Seoul” Pen Case
  • Akmu Spring Notebook Set

& Honorable Mentions


  • Girls’ Generation (SUM x eMart) Popcorn
  • BTS Hip Hop Monster Hand Cream
  • B.A.P “2016 Live on Earth” Matoki Mouse Pad
  • BTS “Zipcode 22920” Acrylic Stand
  • Exo (Nature Republic) Lip Balm
  • BIGBANG “MADE” Shower Curtain
  • Vixx “Zelos” Tattoos (Goods Set A)
  • SHINee (SUM x eMart) Sparkling Water

All individual images via KpopMart, KpopTown, YesAsia, and official company stores.


One thought on “A Brief Intro to K-Pop Merch

  1. I feel a strong love&hate relationship with article. I love finding out about merchandise i didn’t even know abou, but I hate that I don’t have the funds to buy them. I knew the basics like light sticks, towels, fans, pillows, figurines, masks, and apparel, but sparkling water, popcorn, usbs, mouse pads, and shower curtains like WHAT!?!?! After typing all of that I more upset with the realization that I can’t get those…I mean not now, but I don’t want to wait…okay I’ll wait but I’m not happy about so I’ll just listen to SHINee for now. I can’t tell if I’m more upset now about not being able to buy merchandise or if I was more upset about the ending of Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo’s ending, but if there’s a season 2 I’m more upset about the merchandise. I’m sorry for rabbling thanks for listening!!


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