Monsta X Fans Demand Apology From MBC for Plagiarized Choreography

Following a multi-group special stage of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” at the 2016 DMC Festival, the seven members of Monsta X made a shocking statement on a V Live broadcast implying that MBC had plagiarized their choreography.

2016 DMC Festival “Sorry Sorry” – October 9

Wonho led the conversation and revealed that the group had personally created the dance break moves used at the festival for their own special stage earlier this year. However, Monsta X’s performance was cut from the original MBC show and never actually aired.

Monsta X “Sorry Sorry” (fancam) – July 30

They went on to say that the broadcasting company had not asked their permission before passing their choreography on to Twice and GFriend. In fact, they hadn’t heard anything about it at all – the members only knew about the alleged theft after watching the performance themselves and realizing that the dance break looked strangely familiar.

Wonho continued by saying that they had asked a staff member about it, who confirmed that Monsta X’s choreography was copied because it had looked very cool (“너무 멋있었어요”). Rather than coming across as angry, the idols kept repeating that they simply wanted credit for their hard work.


Fans became outraged by the level of disrespect from MBC and are concerned that the company is trying to take advantage of Monsta X because they’re still considered rookies. Shortly after the broadcast, hashtags like #JusticeForMonstaX and #MBCApologizeToMonstaX started showing up on social media and raising awareness of what had happened.

A petition was also formed on October 9 calling for MBC to formally apologize to Monsta X and has already received over 5,000 signatures. A shortened clip of Monsta X’s video can be found on that page as well.


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