Monsta X 'The CLAN pt.2: GUILTY' Album Review

Monsta X is back once again with another album, “The CLAN pt.2: Guilty.” This is the second installation to the trilogy series that Monsta X has been working on throughout 2016. With another high energy album, Monsta X does not disappoint Monbebes (their fandom) and listeners will definitely enjoy and get pumped to the tracks off of this album.
The following is and overall review of Monsta X’s latest album, “The CLAN pt.2: Guilty.”

Title Track: Fighter

Right from the start, Monsta X brings the energy with their title “Fighter.” This song is powerful and upbeat that will definitely energize you while listening. There is an empowering feeling that the song brings with the use of the guitars and build up of the strings. Throughout the song, there is also the use of the boxing bell, further adding to the build up and intensity of the song. The meaning behind the song is to keep fighting and never giving up, which can be applied to any aspect of life. As the first track from this album, Monsta X is bringing the intensity and the heat to the game, offering a strong comeback for this album.

Track 2: Be Quiet

Another solid track from Monsta X and what could be the “Hero” 2.0 for this era of promotions. It’s another Hip Hop/EDM type track, similar to their previously released hit, “Hero.” With a lot of bass and high energy, fans and listeners will surely be up and on their feet, dancing along to this track. “Be Quiet” is catchy and upbeat and there is hope that this would be the follow up promotion track once “Fighter” promotions are over, as this shows promise for becoming another iconic hit from Monsta X.

Track 3: Blind

Produced by Giriboy, whom has worked on previous songs with Monsta X, this song stands out as the sole R&B-type track from the album. “Blind” will surely have listeners swaying along to the song and weak in the knees at the members vocals. There is a sexy vibe that the song has, surely to make Monbebes have to grab a fan and cool themselves, because this is another hot track from this album.

Track 4: Queen

Picking the pace back up, “Queen” is another EDM-Hip Hop track from the album that is bass heavy. This is a classic Monsta X track, making listeners and fans alike bob their heads to the beat and dancing to the song. The Monsta X members talk about comparing the girl that they like to a queen, as they are highly valuable and hard to attain because of the high status. Nonetheless this is a song worth putting on repeat and listening to from this album

Track 5: White Love (하얀소녀)

Monsta X takes on a different sound, bringing a happier and bright track with “White Love.” There is a blend of acoustics and piano instrumentals paired with brass and drums throughout the song that will surely melt the hearts of Monbebes and listeners alike. “White Love” will definitely make their hearts flutter and bring a smile to their face with this sweet song. One particular part that is heartwarming where all the members sing the chorus A Capella and it expresses how refreshing and joyful “White Love” is.

Track 6: Roller Coaster

As the last song from the album, Monsta X closes out with another fun and upbeat track. “Roller Coaster” is a funky, disco-type of track that could be fit to come from a video game or anime. There is a whimsical and innocent feeling to the song, that fans will enjoy and dance along to. It’s the type of song to let loose and have fun to thanks to the instrumentals of the song.
Overall, this is another great release from Monsta X and there is a lot of excitement and wonder as to what they have planned next for the last part of the trilogy. For now, this is definitely a solid album worth checking out listening to. Monsta X continues to impress and wishing them the best with their promotions for “Fighter” and their album!
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  1. Their songs never disappoint me but i’ve never tried listening to other tracks in their album. Reading this makes me wanna know more about them and their songs. I hope other tracks are as good as the title ones

  2. Their title songs never disappoint me but i’ve never heard of their other tracks before. Reading this article makes me wanna know more about them and the other songs in the album

  3. Their title songs never disappoint me but i’ve never heard of their other tracks before. Reading this article makes me wanna know more about them and the other songs in the album

  4. I really love Be Quiet and Blind, they have that amount of sexiness we need and the vocals. HOLY GUACAMOLY.

  5. Man I love these boys! They’re so talented! My favorite song from this album is definitely “Queen”. Keep up the good work, Monsta X!!!

  6. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MONSTA X!! I’m so happy these boys are getting the recognition they deserve because they’re amazingg <3

  7. I’m so happy you’re covering my babies! They deserve so much more love and exposure than what they are currently getting, they already got screwed over by mbc and I’m still waiting for an apology from them.

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