K-Music Playlist: Halloween Edition Part 1

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s that time once again to highlight some of the best K-Pop Halloween-inspired/themed music videos. Ranging from dark videos to quirky videos involving with different groups dressing up in costumes, this is definitely suited for the Halloween holiday.

The following is Part 1 for K-Music Playlist: The Halloween special!

SHINee – “Married To The Music” 

From glowing drinks to getting body parts dismembered, SHINee’s “Married To The Music” takes the cake for being one of the most spooky music videos off this playlist. Though there isn’t anything really explicit that is shown in the music video, it does have this sense of Halloween-creepiness with the visual effects and the colors of the music video. Regardless, this is still a fun track from SHINee despite what happens throughout the music video.

Monsta X – “Hero” (Halloween Dance Practice)

In the spirit of Halloween, the boys of Monsta X released a special Halloween dance practice for their catchy song, “Hero.” All clad in suits and colored contacts, the Monsta X members are dressed up as (very good looking) vampires and dance to the choreography for the song. It is not all the time that K-Pop groups will release a special Halloween video, so this is a gem in itself as Monsta X is one of the few groups to do so.

Epik High – “Don’t Hate Me” 

Epik High is the next to appear on this playlist with their high-energy track accompanying a music video filled with a bunch of little kids dressed up in iconic costumes, wrecking havoc on set. Though there is nothing particularly scary or spooky about this music video or song, it still places on the Halloween playlist for the fun of dressing up in different costumes and having fun in general. There is even a cute attempt at scaring viewers at the end with one of those blood-curdling screams however, it may not work with some. Nonetheless still fun and cute and a great release from Epik High.

T-Ara – “Lovey Dovey” 

Zombies galore! T-Ara is one of the few girl groups to release a Halloween-type music videos and they do not disappoint with their take on a zombie invasion. With flickering lights, the chilling screams of the people to people turning into zombies one by one, this makes this one of the few music videos to potentially scare a viewer. Even the members of T-Ara could not escape from the zombies, eventually turning themselves. Though the music video takes a darker tone and vibe, the song nonetheless is very catchy one that a lot of listeners will enjoy dancing to.

Block B – “Jackpot” 

It’s not a Halloween-themed playlist without introducing the creepy circus into the mix and Block B is the perfect closing to the part of the playlist. From scary/creepy clown masks with the ominous piano playing in the beginning to the members of Block B commanding different areas of the circus, Block B brings his dark circus to life in their “Jackpot” music video. Although this is not terrifyingly scary (minus the creepy clown masks) this is one of the select few groups and music videos that takes on different concept aside from the typical dancing and singing K-Pop video. Block B pulls off the dark (though fun) circus concept and it’s a perfect fit for Halloween.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the special Halloween-themed K-Music Playlist where more music videos in K-Pop will be highlighted!



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  1. I love this article and the songs that were chosen. ❤


  2. I love halloween themed k-pop songs *-* I actually listen to my halloween playlist all year long haha 😄 But it’s obviously more fun now ^^


  3. Dāvids Daniels Skrebs says:

    Yay! Thank you so much!!! This list has just what I needed ^.^


  4. Yay! Just what I needed! Thanks! ^.^


  5. This article is so onpoint!
    The songs are so relatable to halloween! I personally loved Monsta X – Hero. It’s an amazing song and the fact that they put the time and effort to dress up and decorate the practice dance studio and film this just shows how dedicated they are to their fans; they deserve so much more. Thank you for prasing Monsta X 😄😄


  6. When someone combines 2 of my favourite things, Kpop and Halloween, the outcome has to be awesome, and it is! Killer article x

    Liked by 1 person

  7. squishytae says:

    I love Halloween! So seeing my favs dress up and have fun makes me happy and want to get in the Halloween spirit even more.~ 💙\(≧∇≦)/


  8. I actually really enjoyed this article. This one and the part 2. Since it is so close to Halloween, this playlist is a great way for me to enjoy my favorite holiday while enjoying my favorite music. 10/10 ❤


  9. kamaneeya kalaga says:

    Wow..!!! I love this playlist. Can’t wait to checkout the next part. It’s so on point and songs are amazing. Thank you for this.. ❤❤❤❤❤


  10. Loved the article ❤


  11. Memories Of Kpop says:

    Love these songs and agree with this list 100% 🙂


  12. Memories Of Kpop says:

    I love the songs that were picked for this list!


  13. This article is amazing! I am literally listening to the playlist as I pass candy out. 🙂


  14. merodyadroit says:

    I totally agree with this list lol..
    Especially with Shinee and Block B. I’m literally listening to them now!~

    Btw.. happy halloween .3.


  15. Honey Jane says:

    Yass i love Halloween and this list is boppin!! I guess imma add this playlist to our halloween party. Happy Halloween guys!! >.<


  16. Honey Jane says:

    Love Halloween and love this post! HAPPY HALLOWEEN guys >.<


  17. Shaxg says:

    Man KPop videos with dark concepts are some of the best


  18. Jiaqi Zhu says:



  19. Married to the music is a must for halloween! thanks for the list 😀


  20. Happy says:

    still in halloween mode haha, these songs are soooo good


  21. Jana Kostelanská says:

    Love all the songs! Especially SHINee!


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