24K Returns with “The Real One” (Bingo)

Hongseob, Hui, Cory, Kisu, Jinhong, Changsun, Jeonguk

After a very short break, 24K’s comeback “Bingo” was announced by Choeun Entertainment on October 12 and set for an October 22 release date (27 for the physical copy). This is their first full album and is actually named “The Real One,” but most promotional posts have been tagged with just the title track thus far. The music video is a direct follow-up to the cliffhanger viewers were left with after “Still 24K” in August, so fans are happy that the group had a comeback so quickly.
“The Real One” has arrived right in the middle of their Makestar crowdfunding project, which reached its goal earlier this month and is nearing 200% completion. The campaign will run through November 18 and offers backers signed albums as well as other exclusive rewards. You can read more about Makestar here.
Thankfully, newcomers Changsun and Hongseob have more lines this time around. Both were officially added to the group with “Still 24K,” but they were first brought in earlier this year to substitute for Daeil and Sungoh as backup dancers. The official word from Choeun is that Daeil chose to take a hiatus due to personal reasons and Sungoh is recovering from an old shoulder injury.

24K debuted in 2012 and has slowly been growing their (mostly international) fan base since then. Their 2015 track “Superfly” helped bolster their fandom, bringing in new 24Us and encouraging the idols to promote in Poland and Malaysia. Another world tour is set to begin in December and will have the group making stops in Brazil and various European countries.

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  1. oh my god, how much I love this! I love 24K soooo much and I must say that I am proud of them and for the fact that they’re encouraging the boys to promote in Malaysia makes me sooooo happy!

  2. I love this group and i am glad someone is giving the the recognition that they deserve the music video was great although sad thanks for covering their story

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