20th Century FOX & MARVEL Presents: LOGAN

On October 20th, 20th Century FOX & Marvel released their trailer for their upcoming movie, “LOGAN.”

Once again Hugh Jackman takes on his iconic role as Logan or as many X-Men fans know him, Wolverine in this latest release set to premiere on March 3rd, 2017.

Based off the trailer, in the X-Men universe, almost all of mutants have been eradicated except for those who are hiding from extermination. Logan and Professor Charles Xavier are the only members left of the X-Men, hiding out in barren land. Until one day a young female mutant joins them and she must be protected because they are the “same” and needs help.

The trailer cuts to different high intensity action scenes along with darker, serious scenes that raise the anticipation for the early 2017 release. Many are left curious and excited to know what is going to happen. Are the Professor, Logan and the young girl truly the last mutants alive? Will mutants be fully extinct? Many comments throughout the 20th Century FOX YouTube page of the trailer have fans commenting and speculating on plot points and how this is going to fit in with the X-Men universe through 20th Century FOX and Marvel. Many are also left sad as they come to reality that this is the last time Hugh Jackman takes on his highly memorable role as Logan/Wolverine.

Regardless, many fans of X-Men (whether it is the movie or the comic book series) and more important of Logan/Wolverine are very excited to see the release of “LOGAN” this coming March! Once more, the claws are back!

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7 thoughts on “20th Century FOX & MARVEL Presents: LOGAN

  1. I really like the trailer and the soundtrack is honestly amazing…Hugh Jackman will always be Logan in my heart, and the plot is super interesting. Can’t wait to see it this march!


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