EXORUN Launches New Events: Win Signed EXO Goods & In-Game Items!

SM Entertainment has released details about a handful of new giveaways via the mobile game EXORUN, including one that’s Halloween-themed. This follows their successful event in September where five lucky players won signed copies of EXO’s “Lotto.” A total of 33 winners will receive autographed T-Money cards and albums this time, and all new users will be given an item bundle to be used in the game. Continue reading for details on the different events, noting that all deadlines are in KST.

“EXORUN POP T-Money Card Release Celebration”

October 21 – November 30 (24:00)

Prize: Signed EXORUN POP T-Money Card, random version

  1. New players

How to qualify: Download and install the game.

Number of winners: 9

  1. Gem purchasers

How to qualify: Purchase a minimum of 500 gems (the equivalent of $9.89 USD).

Number of winners: 10

**1 winner will receive a set of three cards, the other 9 will get one each.

  1. Returners

How to qualify: Simply open the game. You must have a login record before October 1, 2016.

Number of winners: 9

“Special Event for EXORUN New Users”

October 21 – December 31 (24:00)

Prize: 200 gems + 100,000 gold + 3 emblem coupons + 1 treasure coupon + 1 pet coupon

How to qualify: As a new user, download EXORUN and complete the tutorial.

“Exclusive Halloween Costume is Coming”

October 25 – November 2 (24:00)

Prize: Signed “Lotto” album, random version

How to qualify: Buy at least 2 of the Halloween equip items (they all have “Halloween” in their names).

Number of winners: 5


All winners will be announced both in-game and on EXORUN’s official Facebook. Best of luck to anyone who enters!

[ App Store ] [ Google Play ]


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