Running Man Recap: Episode 321 Part 2

If you have not read up on RMR Episode 321 Part 1, please read that first before continuing on with RMR Part 2.
Continuing from part 1, all the teams are now able to purchase their land and place their respective colors throughout the floor plan of the house. After settling into their own sections that they have placed, the Running Man staff explain the rules of the mission.
– can only stay within purchased land
– if stepping on another team’s, teams must pay a toll (half of the purchased price of land)
– If needing to buy food and other necessary supplies, teams must buy from the provided snack bar using R Money.
– If needing more R money, teams can sell their own plots of land
The episode proceeds to show how the teams spent their R money and time until a mission notification goes off. The first task that was given is that the teams must treat another team. If the team has bought a certain item, mostly food, the other team that is given the food must eat it.
The next mission that the teams were given is that the teams were given the opportunity to bet on their land and challenge other teams for their land. This was a winner-take-all game and all teams had to participate in three games of luck. The staff reveals that the more land that they are able to purchase, the bigger advantage the teams will have for the final mission.
The last mission before the final mission, the staff reveals to the Running Man cast members that their belongings/suitcases have been stolen and they must go out and find where their suitcases have been hidden. After arriving at the given location for the third mission, all the teams have went off and were given individual team missions to complete in order to gain their suitcases back. Another task they must complete in order to gain their suitcases back is that teams must also rip off the name tag of another member on an opposing team.
Once coming back to the MT home, the final mission is given to all the teams and that is they must escape with their suitcase. On their suitcases, are locks that require a passcode to unlock, however the pass code is hidden somewhere under the plots of land throughout the house, from the other teams. This is where having more land is helpful in that other teams trying to find their codes will have a harder time looking through all the pieces of land. Under the mats could either be the pass code, a ‘chance’ card or a dud. If a team finds a dud/pass code under the mat they have chosen, they are able to put an R sticker on top of the mat to confuse the other teams. Teams that find either a ‘chance’ card or their pass code can also reveal to the other teams.
The first team to find two of their pass codes will be the winners of the mission and the team too come in last will face a huge penalty.
Want to know who wins and who loses? Catch the episode 321 here!
Stay tuned for the next installment of Running Man Recap!
Source: Dramafever, Dramafever YouTube, Running Man Official Website

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