[INTERVIEW] AKA K-POP Talks K-Pop World Festival, KCON and More on 'Daebak K-Pop' Radio

AKA KPOP. YouTube reactors, K-Dance covers and everyone’s 6 K-Pop besties appeared as guests for the Hallyu Haywire special on newly established radio show called, Daebak K-pop with IMMY. The show’s theme for one of the most thankful months out of the year is to interview people that the international fans are thankful for and a chance to get to know them more. What better way to do that than a fun show with K-pop music and giveaways!

These six vibrant K-Pop lovers brought their fangirl(and fanboy) humor to the first #HALLYUHAYWIRE on November 6th. The interview is as follows:
Immy: Being one of the first YouTube channels that I subscribed to, it was only right that I have you as the first guests. So please introduce yourselves, individually and as a group.
AKA KPOP: I’m Rachel, I’m Alejandro, I’m Gabi, I’m Ana, I’m Kanesha and I’m Kristen and we are… AKA KPOP! We are a Florida based group that started off in 2014 we are a K-Pop based YouTube channel that specializes in reactions and dance covers mostly. From time to time we upload a skit as well as unboxings and we also do performances(KCON NY 2016, K-pop Con Miami, Anime Y).

AKA KPOP is (left to right) Gabi, Kanesha, Rachel, Alejandro, Kristen and Ana

I: I’m super curious to know everything and all the hard work it takes to make a cover from the first step to the last, walk us through the process.
AKA: Well see a video come out, discuss and decide on which member we want to be and what we have to do. We practice at home mostly due to living distances so we meet up once a week to put it together and its totally different when in a group. We sometimes don’t even have a mirror! We have to trusts our own styles and instincts. Also, we get inspiration from the actual K-Pop artist we cover for, what to wear and shooting locations are mainly FIU(Florida International University).  It seems more comfortable and familiar and makes shooting easier seeing that we know the location very well most of the time. And when we monitor the real MV we choose where to shoot from there. Usually takes two weeks to complete a dance cover, first week for formation and the second week to shoot it.
I: Who does your editing? It’s really precise and has gotten better.
AKA: Ana!! Our resident non-dancer, the work behind the camera. Alejandro usually does the dance cover editing while Ana does the reaction editing.
I: Any plans for AKA KPOP as a whole or separately? I’ve heard you all mention you’re in school. What kind of goals do you have in mind? Whether it be working in the Korean Entertainment industry or learning the language, anything.
AKA: (Kristen) I took Korean for 2 semesters and I’m studying international relations to hopefully work at a Korean embassy here but as far as AKA honestly, we just want to grow as a group we want to add content our YouTube channel.
(Gabi) Extend our love of K-pop to the rest of the nation and the world! The way K-Pop is growing around the world is beautiful to see and AKA K-Pop is filled with passion and dreams that we want to show everyone.
(Rachel) Preach Gabi preach!
(Kristen) We just like making people laugh
(Ale) Whenever we see the view count go up we ask ourselves why do people watch this. Why? We’re just doing for the hell of it, but having fun. So why not upload it and have other people watch and fan girl with us. We call our worldwide supporters our foundation because we get so many comments from all over the world a lot of the time in other languages(Korean being one) and they are so nice and love what we do.
(Ana) As time goes on I hope we’re able to grow more. The big dream for the channel is to hit 100,000 subs on YT
(Ale) Also to travel to other places and extend our presence in other parts of the world. We want our channel to be a place for people to go to and not feel alone. And to fanboy and fan girl with so we want them to feel like their friends while watching.
(Kanesha) I’m a mass communications & business major so I plan to take what I learn and apply it to our group with anything to push us forward. We’re in the process of revamping and deciding how to appeal to our viewers while staying authentic, relatable and not loose what makes us AKA
I: Being a newbie to K-pop myself I can totally relate to all six of you which is why you were one of my first subscriptions to anything K-Pop on YouTube. My personal dream for you all is to perform at K-Pop world festival any thoughts on that venture?
AKA: Yes! Actually we submitted some videos for this years festival and revived a green light for round two but due to short notice we were unable to go to LA. But when that opportunity arises again… Were going! It’s on our goals list for sure.

This interview was paraphrased from full interview conducted by Immy, a radio DJ on 91.3FM. For full interview and a listen to the full show click here. Tune in every Sunday 4-6pm(EST) for Daebak K-Pop with IMMY and enjoy #HALLYUHAYWIRE month with giveaways too.
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