7 Reasons to Love GOT7

GOT7. The boy group that got me into K-Pop. The first K-Pop concert I’ve been to, ever. For those reasons alone they are very special to me and seeing that the 7 member group is coming to the US again for another tour in January 2017, I thought I would share the 7 reasons to love GOT7!

1) Dance Talents/ Martial Arts

GOT7 came onto the scene in 2014 with a Hip-Hop concept and a couple tricks up their sleeve…literally.


Their B-Boying dance style and mixed martial arts was something not many boy groups were capable of performing at the time of their debut. GOT7 still shows they got it even 2 years (3 years in January) since their debut.

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Let’s see some more!



2) Fan Service

GOT7 has shown their unconditional love for us IGOT7 time and time again. Seeing them live this past July and hearing their sincere words just lifted my spirit, they just make us feel like the most important people in the world and that’s something special to us IGOT7. Here are some clips of their fan service

The relationship we IGOT7 have with GOT7 is really special and we are such a better fandom for sticking together and always supporting our boys until the end!

3) Potential Actors/Entertainers

From dramas to music videos, commercials, variety TV and more already under their belts, GOT7 proves to be a group with many talents and performance value to go a long time. I hope to see them take on bigger roles and win many awards and recognition for more than just their music.

4) Friendship

Forget friendship, these 7 boys act more like brothers! Between their teamwork and petty fights, we can still feel the love.

tumblr_inline_nnneq3fyla1tqbt1s_500Image result for got7 friendship gifs

Image result for got7 hug gifs

I could post the cutest GIFs of them all day but we can see how much they love each other and will protect each other at all costs

Image result for got7 friendship gifs

5) Cover Kings

GOT7 has an amazing song collection of their own but they also have the talent to cover songs by other artists and make it their own… Take a listen:

6) Global Group

Already winning multiple awards in this category, GOT7 is a diverse group with many different backgrounds and between all of them, can speak 5 languages! They reach out to so many different fans from all over the world some may even claim they have the best global appeal outside of South Korea.


7) Life Savers

I know this last reason may be a personal one but maybe some of you can relate. Yeah, I know it’s cheesy to say that 7 boys saved my life but it’s true! Just from discovering this group I’ve found and learned so much, groups like GOT7 that just make your day and keep you smiling are worth investing your energy into. If it weren’t for that 15-second Instagram video(back when IG had 15-second videos) in 2015 I would not have found a career for myself that I’m passionate about, I wouldn’t have found so many friends from all over the world, I wouldn’t have started my K-pop Radio show, I WOULDN’T EVEN BE WRITING FOR THIS MAGAZINE! had I not found GOT7. They hold a special place in my heart and I will forever support everything they do and wish them nothing but success, I know a lot of IGOT7 feel the same and have a special love for GOT7.

COMMENT below how you were first introduced to GOT7 and what they mean to you.

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  1. GOT7 is my bias group. I can honestly say that they are an inspiration for my life. Each member inspires me in a different way. Whether its learning dances or to be outgoing and silly, I remember these guys and try to incorporate them into my life. I want so much for them to be happy. I can’t tell you how happy they make me. One day I hope to meet Got7 and tell them that they are very special to me.

  2. I am a relatively new fan to K-pop (about 1 1/2 years) and GOT7 was one of the first that I got into. I Seen an old video “YG vs JYP Dance Battle” and the way they included martial arts into their dance was enough to get me hooked! I started to look up and found “A” and “Stop, Stop It” and Instantly fell in love with Jackson. And “Just Right” whoever doesn’t love this song and its meaning, Leave just leave. Then when “Fly” came out I was so excited because I got to see a comeback for GOT7 and the song just made me really happy. And “Hard Carry”….. JACKSON BOY STOP WITH THEM ABS!!! dont im kidding …
    Instagram : @chanbaekjikook11

  3. My neighbor is obsessed with many Kpop groups with GOT7 being one of them! She introduced me to to Kpop music and of course GOT7!!!! I instantly feel in LOVE with their dance moves and voices all so unique and different. I would have never thought that I would have even liked Kpop music if it weren’t for my neighbor who introduced me to GOT7. Every time I would come over I would beg her to play GOT7 for me because I could never get enough of them!!! Ever since I was introduced to their music I jam to them all the time in my car. To me they are absolutely everything. From just watching anything related on youtube of them can literally make my day. I love that even though I may not understand everything they say, they make me smile no matter what! They inspire me to be different. I cannot stress how much weird/crazy looks I get when I tell people I love Kpop. No one besides my neighbor understands how amazing Kpop music is. This is the first chance for myself to ever experience a Kpop concert that GOT7 will be in!! I don’t want to miss out on this experience… It would be such an honor and a memory that I would NEVER forget.

  4. I was a casual Kpop fan for years. I never really got too into any group until I found GOT7. I was just browsing YouTube one night when one of the recommendations was a clip of them on Weekly Idol. I immediately fell in love. They were cute, charming, and hilarious! I think what really pulled me in though was the fact they they just seemed genuine, almost like they didn’t realize they were idols if you know what I’m saying. Fast forward to almost a year later. I never thought that I would “stan” anyone but here I am: a proud ahgase! Seeing them do anything always puts me in a good mood. They’ve become a happy place for me. Sometimes it feels weird for me to say that considering my age (not getting into that lol), but I am truly thankful for them.

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