[INTERVIEW] Funny, Fanboys and Fresh! Meet Fresh Baon

For the Hallyu Haywire special on the newly established radio show called, Daebak K-pop with IMMY Cedrick, Raph, Justin and Jason of the K-pop reaction YouTube channel Fresh Baon came on the show to share insight on the Canadian K-pop scene. The show took place in November for one of the most thankful months out of the year with the concept to interview people who the international fans are thankful for and a chance to get to know them more. What better way to do that than a fun show with K-pop music and giveaways!

The third #HALLYUHAYWIRE show took place on November 20th. The interview is as follows:
IMMY: Cedrick, Raph, Justin and Jason so all four of your are self-named funny fanboys so tell us about your beginnings and how all 4 of you met and how the idea to start a YouTube channel came about?
FRESH BAON:(Justin) We love K-pop so much that we decided to make a YouTube channel and it started out with Cedrick and I (Justin) one night and I called him up with an idea for reaction videos to K-pop and then Jason decided to join us after he had watched us on YouTube and we had a mutual love for K-pop.                                                                                (Jason): First I started writing skits and editing for the channel but now I love doing the reactions too.                                                                                                                                            (Raph): I met Justin at the bus stop and we talked about K-pop the whole bus ride back from school and he invited me to go record for his YouTube channel and it was really fun and something we all love to do. Over the time music has been evolving and K-pop stands out as a music genre and has opened me up in many ways and Big Bang influenced us too in the early K-pop days. It means a lot to us that were making videos for others entertainment and one day we can make careers out of what we do.
I: Speaking of making careers any plans as Fresh Baon as a whole or individual plans for yourselves?
FB:(Justin) Future goals? As far as Fresh Baon goes we’d love to grow content on our channel as far as skits, K-pop dubs, music and dancing so were in the prepping stage and making a schedule to coincide with all 4 of us. Also, we plan on releasing merchandise for our subscribers.
I: Being K-pop fans from Canada what’s the K-pop scene like there?  You attended Hallyu North as guests and was received well by all your fans. How did that feel to connect with the K-pop Canadian scene?
FB: Meeting fans at Hallyu North was amazing and to experience our first K-pop convention with the Canadian community was a new experience. We can definitely say the K-pop scene is growing and is on its way to being established in the sense that K-pop artists have come to notice us fans by holding concerts in Canada such as CL, APink, AOMG, B.A.P., BIG BANG and more!

This interview was paraphrased from the full interview conducted by Immy, a radio DJ on 91.3FM. Tune in every Sunday 4-6pm(EST) for Daebak K-Pop with IMMY.

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