Day6 Is Beautifully Simple In "I Wait"

Day6 is truly an underappreciated band. While that does mean that much of their music is still not as widely recognized as most groups, they’ve made a name for themselves as competent musicians. As a gift to K-Pop at large, the band has decided to release a new track every month, and to start things off they give us the enigmatic “I Wait.”

The visuals are simple, backdrops of moving cityscapes, symbolizing the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The imagery serves to further separate our protagonists from their love interests—while the world continues to move at a fast clip, they continue to wait for a sign from their respective lovers. The song suggests a constant battle between wanting to know what’s on a lover’s mind and needing to finally have things come to an end, a plea for closure, for a way to finally move on from this lover’s limbo.
Of course, the main point in most music videos is to highlight the band itself. The director does just that, giving us plenty of wide shots against ever-shifting backdrops of vectors, various shapes, and what’s a pervasive jigsaw of feedback. The effect skews each band member’s face as if the constant pleading as each member takes their turn begging for resolution has corrupted them somehow—the mind and soul a part of a machine or computer that continues to process information until it finally runs out of space and fumbles its way to an inevitable crash.
The true beauty of the piece, however, is within the vocal arrangement. The chord changes in the bridge are stunning, subtle third shifts down the scale in perfect harmony, highlighting the band’s synchronicity not only as musicians but as true vocalists. The imagery surrounding each chord digression is just as simple but no less enigmatic, close-ups on Do-woon as he murmurs “Whatchu Doin,” looking the viewer in the eye.
Some of the cinematography, simple as it may have been, really did manage to make an impression, imprinting certain visuals on the mind and connecting them to specific emotions—caught in the rain, a downpour of melancholy; thrust in the middle of a busy city street, the chaos of the unknown; those moments where each member is alone as various scattered colors and images impose themselves on their bodies as if standing in front of a projector, the isolation of being left waiting for release.
It’s a video that makes use of minimal story, instead using simplistic imagery to highlight the song’s lyrics and the artistry of the band. The video for “I Wait” succeeds in being both visually engaging yet quiet enough to allow viewers a chance to connect with a story about a man needing something from his up-and-down lover as he proclaims,”Either untie me or pull me closer.”
[Images via JYP’s YouTube channel]

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