[BREAKING] Hope for Nam Tae-Hyun

Former WINNER member Tae-Hyun made a shocking announcement on his Tumblr account yesterday: he is now formally accepting applications for instrumentalists interested in performing with his new band.


Aside from being a potential new music interest for the KPop industry, Tae-Hyun’s news provides some much-needed reassurance about the status of his health. In late November 2016, Tae-Hyun separated from WINNER owing to long-standing issues with his mental health. While some fans were happy to hear that the idol was receiving a well-deserved opportunity to heal, others were disappointed at the thought of losing such a precious idol from YG Entertainment.


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After the separation, not much was heard from Tae-Hyun or YG Entertainment about the current status of Tae-Hyun’s recovery; however, his Tumblr post can be seen as the bearer of good and impressive news. The effort it takes to overcome a mental illness that has been with you since childhood is not an easy feat, so it is surprising that Tae-Hyun was able to return to making music after a little over a month. But, maybe his detachment from WINNER was the opportunity that he needed to receive the proper care and treatment that would allow him to recover.
While Tae-Hyun’s post does say that his recruitment and project may stop at any time, it is very comforting to see that he is beginning to feel well enough to get back out into the music industry. Hopefully, this comeback signifies brighter days and a happier future for Tae-Hyun.


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