Teen Top’s Niel to Release His Second Solo Album and More Surprises

Fans of Teen Top’s Niel can once again rejoice. Two years after his solo debut, the singer surprised fans on the group’s Jan. 3 V Live broadcast with the announcement that he’ll be coming back with his album “Love Affair” on January 16, 2017.

Niel stated in the live that it’s regrettable that he wasn’t able to reveal the news himself, saying, “I was going to announce my comeback to my fans on V app, but articles came out first. I really apologize. I think there is no such secret in this world.”

However, the group itself was able to hold on to at least one secret. Right before Niel announced his solo, Chunji revealed that Teen Top will also be having a comeback with an all-new stage. He later said, “I think the fans will be so shocked.” So perhaps Angels will be gifted with a concept they’ve never seen from the guys so far? Unfortunately, everyone will have to wait until March for the unveiling of this “shocking” new stage.


Meanwhile, Chunji is once again taking to the musical stage. He’ll be starring in the Japanese musical “My Bucket List” starting next month. He will play opposite BOYFRIEND’s Donghyun and singer Park Si-hwan from Superstar K5.

“My Bucket List,” which premiered in 2014 before exploding in popularity, will run from Feb. 25 to Mar. 12 at the Tokyo Seaside Festival Hall’s B Theater.

This will be Chunji’s second time alighting on the musical stage in Japan and his fourth play overall. He made his musical debut in the 2014 production of “Caffeine” starring opposite Kang Ji-min. That same year, he starred in “On Air — Night Flight,” a role he reprised for his Japanese musical debut.

Angels are in for quite the 2017, as Teen Top seems to be gearing up for some fantastic surprises in the first quarter. Be on the lookout for both the group and Niel’s comebacks, as well as Chunji’s stint as a stage actor.

[Images from Teen Top’s V Live page; Korea Herald; NaverYouTube; Teen Top Official website.]


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