Ravi's 'Bomb': An Explosion of G-Dragon?

A few days ago, Ravi finally released his music video for “Bomb”. Because this was only one of a few of Ravi’s solo pieces, fans weren’t sure what to expect from the music video. The resulting reactions to the “Bomb” music video were definitely mixed reviews (although they seemed to lean more toward the negative spectrum).
Ravi received heavy backlash after the release of his original music video on January 8th for the objectification of women. Since then, the original video has been removed and a new, edited version has replaced it. While I do not wish do delve too deep into this topic, I question those who called out Ravi for the objectification of women in his music video, yet are silent when the same disrespectful mannerisms are shown with artists like Jay Park or Hyuna. I would also like to call into question the logic and double standard behind allowing women to objectify men in music videos by rejoicing when shirts are removed, abs are revealed and there are hip thrusts, but nothing is allowed the other way around.
However, my main thoughts when watching Ravi’s music video were not about shirtless men or scantily clad women…they were about how much this music video was so stinking similar to many of G-Dragon’s solo music videos! No doubt, the music video is certainly unique to Ravi’s own taste and involves a personal spin that only Ravi can provide. But, when studying some underlying themes, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between “Bomb” and two particular G-Dragon music videos: “Crayon” and “One of a Kind”.  Perhaps Ravi drew some inspiration from G-Dragon’s music videos? First, let’s take a loot at some of the likenesses in Ravi’s “Bomb” and G-Dragon’s “Crayon”.

We have a therapy session. This sparked the most similarities for me. Everything from the placement of the couch and chair to even the way G-Dragon and Ravi’s left legs are propped up was similar.

Then it appears that both artists seemingly have the same issue of indecisiveness when it comes to choosing a profession. Ravi seems to flip-flop between being a conductor and a painter meanwhile G-Dragon can’t decide between a drummer and a…race car driver?

Lastly, we are faced with the ‘look at yourself while staring in the mirror’ move. (Note that both Ravi and G-Dragon are also covered in upper body tattoos).

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Now let’s move on to G-Dragon’s “One of a Kind”. There were really only two similarities I seemed to keep noticing in both music videos, and that was the likeness of their hair, and the quick shots of them dancing with their crew.
A quick note on Ravi’s braided hair: it makes me so sad. I mean really, I expected that sort of hairstyle on Taeyang from BIGBANG or maybe even from and NCT member, but never from Ravi.

Did Ravi draw some inspiration from G-Dragon’s music videos? It’s quite possible! After all, G-Dragon and his work are legendary and great sources of creativity and uniqueness! Let me know what you think in the comments down below!

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