'The Queen's Back'! HyunA Reveals North American Tour Dates

On Jan. 4, entertainment company KpopMe! announced HyunA would be embarking on a U.S. tour, with a poster brazenly proclaiming, “The Queen’s Back.” Shortly after, their website posted tour dates and ticketing information.
Starting on Feb. 22 at Vancouver’s Hard Rock Casino, the former 4Minute rapper will make her way across North America. This “tour” (the term a bit fuzzy when it comes to most Korean acts) will mark HyunA’s second since 4Minute’s ultimate disbandment on June 15 of last year. After her August comeback, she held a series of concerts across Asia, her first solo tour, and she has expanded her performances to include multiple stops in both Canada and the States.
Along with meeting fans with new music, the Cube artist will also be holding Meet & Greets at every stop, in which twelve fans each will be able to take a photo with the Queen herself. KpopMe also announced that each show will be all ages—meaning there are no age restrictions for concertgoers.

Per the norm, the definition of “tour” is loose at best. There are only five stops in the States (the usual suspects: LA, New York, Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco), and Canadian fans only have three opportunities to see the idol—in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. That being said, this is only HyunA’s first tour outside of Asia, and only her second solo tour overall. It’s natural for agencies and sponsors to want to test the waters (and selling power) of an artist who’s fairly new to performing on a large scale on her own.
If fans want more of their Queen, companies want to know an artist is going to sell out venues, so be sure to come out in full force. Tickets for HyunA’s North American tour go on sale Saturday, Jan. 21 at 12 p.m. local time. Make sure to reserve your tickets quickly.
[Images via KpopMe!; Hyuna’s Official Facebook Page; YouTube.]

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