[GIVEAWAY] New Music Release: 'Distance' by Alan Z

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Alan Z flexes his rap and R&B skills in his newest single, “Distance.”  It’s a true R&B track with just the right amount of hip hop. Alan borrowed from a recipe of quality not often identified in R&B/hip hop mixes today. After delivering a calm yet powerful verse, he lures you in with the sweetest vocals. “Distance” holds its own as Alan Z proves he can be both the “cutie pie next door” and the man with the perfectly laid flow.
He will have you reminiscing about that love you once had. As you find yourself swaying to the beat, craving the next moment you hear his voice, you’ll soon realize that he is telling your story from now, then or later.
Let us help you close the distance between you and your next favorite song. Enter for a chance to win one of four digital copies of “Distance” by following Alan Z on Spotify.
Check out the music video below.

We support independent artists. Support Alan Z by purchasing his single on iTunesGoogle Play Music or Amazon and playing “Distance” on Spotify.

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