[INTERVIEW] HallyuNoona.com Re-Introduces U.K.-Based Radio Show, Podcast

Recently, HallyuNoona announced a return to the airwaves via Twitter, an exciting accomplishment for their team and for international Hallyu Wave fans! The website, a “Korean culture blog from a waegukin,” has undergone changes as well. Read our interview with HallyuNoona below.

Credit: Southwavesradio.co.uk

MACG MAGAZINE: You recently navigated radio licensing in the United Kingdom. What does this approval provide your show and how does it impact your listeners?

HALLYUNOONA: This means legal broadcasting and paying the correct copyright for the music we play (on the radio). For our listeners, having the licenses to broadcast live means that we now have a live show which airs on Saturdays at 8:00 pm GMT. This allows them to interact the show by contributing discussion points, requests, shout outs and opinions on dramas. Should the show be successful, it is a smoother path towards upgrading and featuring other shows, to provide a wider network of content.

MM: Following these new developments, what is the difference between the radio show and the podcast?

HN: The radio show has more talk and feature-based segments based on listener participation, primarily via Twitter. The show is recorded and uploaded to our podcast archive for listeners who cannot listen at its live slot, but we really believe that K-pop is so community-based, and you get so much more from being able to interact with the show. Our podcasts and vlogs will still exist, but with a different focus. Our next series of podcasts will focus on introducing people to a different artist each episode. We are always looking for ideas from fans for content they would like to see so we hope to add more content soon.

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MM: When did the website finalize its redesign?

HN: The physical design of the site is about 6 months old, but in the last month we have begun to overhaul our content as well. We realized we had essentially begun to just report news, which just duplicates a lot of already existing content. As a consequence of this, we have decided to focus on our original content, like editorials, and our novel tools, such as our simulcasts, chatroom, and headline generator. We still plan to retain our weekly MV round-ups and our TV guide as they have proved popular with our readers

MM: How can fans support your shows?

THN: hey can support us by tuning in via www.hallyunoona.com/hallyunoonaradio every Saturday at 8 p.m. GMT and tweeting us with their requests and discussion points relating to Korean culture.

MM: Also, how can fans support, or contribute to, the website?

Hallyunoona.com  has a ‘donate’ button if they would like to financially support our running costs. (We don’t have ads so all our running costs come out of our own pocket!)

We also always have opportunities for people to join us as contributors (to our podcasts, website, vlogs and community) and to get involved you just need to e-mail contribute@hallyunoona.com.

If you want to support us but don’t feel you can contribute, just sharing our content with other Kpop fans or starting up threads on our forums is a great way to help us out! We love Korean culture and really want to share that passion with people.

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