DAY6 Digs Up Painful Memories in 'You Were Beautiful'

South Korean band DAY6 has steadily been rising in popularity since their debut in 2015 under JYP Entertainment. After their entry into the music industry with “Congratulations,” the boys came back in 2016 and 2017 with hit tracks “Letting Go” and “I Wait,” sparking curiosity and tugging at the heartstrings of many. While DAY6 has not garnered the vast following that other JYP artists such as GOT7 or TWICE have, their new comeback schedule for 2017 is a surefire way of solidifying their presence in the Korean music industry. Starting in January and continuing through December of 2017, DAY6 will be releasing one new song and hosting two concerts each month. For February, they returned with “You Were Beautiful.”

Starting off in a cluttered workspace, the music video quickly renews the relationship of the two actors who were previously featured in their music video for “Congratulations”; this time, though, the video is reminiscent of the fond memories of the couple instead of leading viewers through the breakup.

DAY6 themselves are set in a wintry landscape, with the snow gently falling down to rest on eyelashes and melt against skin. The combination of their solid background with the falling snowflakes creates a visual arrangement that is stunning to the eye. Along with their charm, one of the greatest advantages DAY6 has during the video is their consistent set. By not changing their outfits or set repeatedly, they allows fans to focus on the quality of their music and the story of the main characters.

While the female protagonist is watching the recorded memories of herself and a distant boyfriend, viewers are sucked into a state of nostalgia and longing for a love that has passed. Sadness sets in as the tragic breakup is shown for a second time, and the agony felt by the male lead is now reflected through the vocalists of DAY6.

DAY6’s choice to sing from the boyfriend’s point of view while showing the girlfriend’s footage is a reminder that even pure, untainted love can look different to others and become dilapidated or one-sided in the end.
Featured image – DAY6’s official Twitter.

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