Sorry Bangtan, but BTS Broke Your Record ('Spring Day' MV Review)

There is nothing that BTS and ARMY cannot achieve.
BTS’ release of the music video for “Spring Day” and their new album “Wings: You Never Walk Alone” has been one of the most highly anticipated comebacks of 2017, which is shown through the record number of pre-order sales that have been recorded for their album. Because their previous album, “Wings,” was the best-selling album in the K-pop industry in 2016, and because the music video for “Blood, Sweat and Tears” broke so many records on YouTube, it was hard to believe that BTS could possibly set any more records with their comeback. As of today, every previous goal that BTS set has been shattered and surpassed with their new releases.
Along with a record-breaking number of pre-order sales, the other records that BTS has set with “Spring Day” currently are: most views in 24 hours for a K-pop music video (previously held by BTS), fastest K-pop group to reach 10 million views on YouTube (previously held by TWICE), fastest group to reach 2o million views on YouTube (previously held by TWICE), first K-Pop group song to reach the Top 10 on the United States iTunes charts, and one of the only K-pop groups to hold over 1 million likes on over five music videos on YouTube.
As the views soar on their music video and their song achieves an all-kill on music charts, fans everywhere continue to speculate on what the meaning behind the music video is. Even though BTS has stated numerous times on V Live that the lyrics and video are supposed to provide ARMY with some comfort, the video left the majority of the fandom teary-eyed as they reminisced over fond memories with Bangtan and repeated “you know it all, you’re my best friend” in their heads. With the beauty and emotion that the music video contained, it was hard to not get emotional, though.
The music video itself is both beautifully crafted and very confusing. Similar to “Save Me,” BTS uses natural settings for portions of their video that allow the colors of their skin, hair and clothes to stand out against the unsaturated background. However, there are also some odd sets that involve large piles of clothes (that one can only hope are clean) and some devilishly fantastic shots of “BTS on a train” action.

And yet, despite the incredible use of wintry landscapes and neutral tones, “Spring Day” contains an abundance of color splashed on and around each member through quick clips of joy. The color is wonderful, actually, because not only does it provide artistic value to the music video, but it also shows that BTS and BigHit Entertainment are continuing to veer away from past videos such as “Danger,” “NO” and “War of Hormone” that lacked the aesthetic power necessary to create an engaging MV.

And finally, the biggest token that BTS deserves a round of applause for is the usage and promotion of melanin in this video. It seems hard to believe that companies would ever record video footage of their idols without applying some form of whitewashing technique to their skin. That being said, not only have the members’ skin colors gone untouched, but both Rap Monster and Suga have noticeably darker skin than they do in V Live broadcasts (a comparison that is being used owing to the fact that on spontaneous broadcasts they are often not wearing makeup). BTS has now become a group that breaks more than records and goals — they also dismantle beauty standards set by society!

Along with “Spring Day”, BTS’ most recent music video for “Not Today” has also been accumulating a tremendous amount of views, even surpassing those records that were set by “Spring Day”! Be sure to check out both MVs today!

Photo credits of the featured image go to the lovely and wonderful BigHit Entertainment, per the usual.

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  1. I truly loved this music video, it is beautiful. As you said the colors, the style, the tone that it sets, it all puts you in your feels immediately. BTS has really broadened their rang of what you can expect from them. I am with you on the fact that it is very impressive and speaks volumes over the fact that they were not whitewashed but instead enhanced. BTS has made large strides in the music world this year. It seems that they are a force to be reckoned with. They are now being noticed around the world and the mainstream media is eating it up. With a sold out world tour and charting on the Billboards it doesn’t look like they will be slowing down anytime soon.

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