Jessi Plans to ‘Break Out’ in the US With Her 2017 Tour

Thanks to Platinum K Shows and Woozoo NYC, Jessi will be gracing four U.S. cities with her presence later this month. Many know the charismatic entertainer from her run on the popular competition “Unpretty Rapstar,” but she has also proven herself to be a talented vocalist with her work as a soloist and a previous member of Lucky J.

Originally from the U.S., Jessi moved to South Korea when she was 15 and began her upward-trending music career. Her indomitable personality, which is embodied by her 2015 banger “쎈언니” (“Strong Big Sister”), is applauded by many of her fans and probably one of her most memorable traits. She does, however, occasionally reveal her softer side with songs like “Excessive Love” and “Don’t Make Me Cry.”

A few days before tickets went on sale, Jessi shared on her Instagram that the “Break Out” tour will feature “the bosses” Rick Ross, Remy Ma, Yo Gotti and Year of the Ox. The post in question implies that there will be additional guests making appearances, but curious minds will have to attend the concert to discover who the mystery artists are.

Jessi break out

Tour Dates

March 17 – New York City

March 18 – Atantic City, NJ

March 24 – Boston

March 25 – Los Angeles

Fans who enter MACG Magazine’s March giveaway will have a chance to experience the New York and LA shows firsthand at no charge, so do consider following us on Facebook and Twitter in anticipation of the giveaway announcements. More information regarding the tour itself can be found on Woozoo’s official website.

Images from “쎈언니” music video and Woozoo NYC.

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