Descendants of The Sun Recap: Episode 9

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Out of the frying pan, into the fire.
Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.
We left episode eight with Mo-yeon’s confession hanging in the air. She recorded it when she was trapped in the car on a cliff in episode five and thought her life would end. She wanted to confess her feelings to Shi-jin in her will. Clearly, she didn’t intend for him to hear it while she is still alive and breathing. Shi-jin is not going to let her off the hook. After Mo-yeon races to retrieve the recording from the second floor radio room, he leaps out of a window to meet her and stalks her like a cat tracking a mouse. He is determined to get his answer, but Mo-yeon manages to scurry away, panicked and embarrassed.
Her confession is a hot topic for the soldiers and the medical team. They all smirk and whisper and wonder what the outcome of the relationship will be. Myung-joo and Dae-young‘s relationship is under scrutiny as well. Both Mo-yeon and Shi-jin question Myung-joo. They want to know whether or not Dae-young’s military activities worry her. She replies to Mo-yeon that she is only afraid of being separated from him and fears nothing now that they are “under the same sky.”
The next day, Shi-jin is in high spirits because of Mo-yeon’s confession. Mo-yeon tries to continue with business as usual. She and the other ladies watch the soldiers during their morning shirtless jog, and she appears to be quite distracted, gazing at the soldiers with a dreamy look on her face. Honestly, who can blame her? Mo-yeon proves she is quite good at running as well when Nurse Choi pretends to see Shi-jin. Mo-yeon hastily shuffles off only to bump right into Shi-jin after she thinks she has escaped. He suggests they attend a meeting together since they are both invited.
While driving to the meeting, Shi-jin teasingly questions Mo-yeon about her past relationships. Before she can turn the tables on him, the car strikes something explosive in the road and immediately breaks down. Shi-jin cautiously investigates and discovers they ran over a landmine. He speculates that the earthquake caused several to shift onto the path. With no cell phone or radio signal, they have no choice but to find their own way out. Shi-jin goes out first and instructs Mo-yeon to follow carefully behind him, only stepping where his feet have been. As they walk they mark the mines with flags.
The two pick their way through the minefield in a close dance, and she falls into him more than once. It might have been romantic if not for the threat of death just below their feet. Shi-jin manages to remain positive and tells Mo-yeon to take it easy while admiring his “sexy backside.” It is certainly a sight to behold.
Eventually, they make it to the safety of the main road. Shi-jin praises Mo-yeon with a smile and tells her that she did well. Then he enquires about her lipstick. Would she mind if they mess it up …?
They use her lipstick as a marker and make a sign to warn others of the minefield. What did you think they were going to do? Kiss? You did. Admit it. Mo-yeon adds a skull and crossbones for those who may not speak English. Once again, the show does a wonderful job representing the realities of language barriers.
Mo-yeon and Shi-jin now have a barrier of their own. Without a car, they are forced to make their way back on foot. Shi-jin suggests the walk could take all night, and Mo-yeon is not thrilled. She has a surge of hope when a truck comes rumbling down the road … only to pass them by. When another truck passes them, Shi-jin playfully suggests using his gun to take the car by force.  Luckily, a truck transporting hay stops and offers them a ride first.
Their ride in the back of the truck is lit by the setting sun, and the two talk about parting ways. In the previous episode, Mo-yeon was compiling a list of medical personnel to return to Korea. Shi-jin assumed that Mo-yeon would be on that list, but her answer surprises him. She isn’t leaving, and it’s because of him. Finally, Mo-yeon has officially confessed her feelings. Shi-jin’s response? A perfect kiss as they drive into a beautiful sunset.
Unfortunately, the sweetness doesn’t last long. Agus is back. Punctuality seems to be a pet peeve for the villain. He isn’t impressed when Chief Manager Young Soo-jin finally manages to deliver the safe that supposedly houses the promised goods. As Agus points a gun at Young Soo-jin’s head, the manager begs for his life. Agus decides to spare Chief Manager Young as long as he does whatever he asks.
Things are not looking good for the manager. The safe is empty. Knowing that Agus will try to track him down, Chief Manager Young pesters Nurse Ah and Myung-Joo about receiving treatment for “injuries” sustained during the earthquake. The ladies are not buying it. When he boldly demands to be put on the flight back to Korea, Myung-Joo calls him out. He has the nerve to raise a hand against her but is interrupted before he can actually strike her. Dae-young steps in and, with chilly calm, suggests that he and the manager step outside.
“Do you want to be a patient?” asks Dae-young. “Where and how should I hurt you?”
Ladies and gentlemen, the “Wolf” finally shows his teeth. The threats force the trembling manager to issue a less-than-heartfelt apology. Chi-hoon overheard and offers to let Young Soo-jin have his seat on the flight home. Chi-hoon is still shaken from his earlier encounter with Kang, the patient he left behind in the collapsing building after the earthquake. Perhaps the idea of returning home in such a state does not appeal to him?
When the group departing for Korea leaves the camp by bus, the medical team wonders why Chi-hoon isn’t there. They suspect Soo-jin of stealing his seat but can do nothing about it. Soo-jin has weaseled his way onto the bus to the airport. He is visibly shaken, appearing sweaty and nervous. A flashback reveals that he swallowed the diamonds he promised to deliver to Agus.  It seems that the manager has made a clean getaway … with a belly full of diamonds.
Dr. Song finally locates Chi-hoon and playfully suggests that he missed the flight on purpose to avoid returning to see the pregnant Dr. Jang, who has no doubt experienced changes to her figure. That isn’t the case. Dr. Song has picked up on Chi-hoon’s odd behavior around Kang. Chi-hoon puts on a brave but sad face and says that he will try to handle the situation on his own. Will he be able to gain Kang’s forgiveness?
Chi-hoon is not the only one facing trouble. Soo-jin is almost home free when he spots Agus’ men at the airport. He manages to evade them but misses the flight back to Korea. The main thug, whose accent seems to change with every episode, reports that Soo-jin gave them the slip. Agus casually responds that he will tear the slimy manager to pieces when he sees him. It is not hard to imagine that he means it literally. Agus tells his men to prepare a red rose to be sent out to a buyer with a delivery of trafficked weapons. The scene then cuts to a girl wearing a red dress. Is she the red rose?
The episode takes us back to the military base, and we see Shi-jin staring down the barrel of a sniper scope … spying on Mo-yeon. Grinning, he uses the laser sight to draw a heart shape on her cheek while she washes her face, completely unaware. It’s a bit hard to say if the viewers should consider this very sweet or a little creepy. Either way, Dae-young busts Shi-jin. He teases Shi-jin until a call comes over the radio, informing them that “Yellow Tiger” is scheduled to arrive the next day. Yellow Tiger is the call sign of Myung-joo’s father, the Commander.
The Lt. General arrives, and Myung-joo seems to be the uneasiest of the bunch. Unsurprising, considering her father pulled so many strings earlier in the series to keep her away from Dae-young.
Mo-yeon meets the general with the soldiers, and later she, Myung-joo, Shi-jin and Dae-young are called into a private meeting with him at headquarters. He begins with praising Mo-yeon’s accomplishment with the VIP Arab Leader’s surgery. The general is all smiles until he excuses Mo-yeon. Then he puts his rank aside and starts the questioning as Myung-joo’s father. Is Shi-jin his friend or his foe? He wants to know how Shi-jin, his once intended son-in-law, sees Myung-joo. Though the question surprises him, Shi-jin answers honestly and informs the general that he cherishes Myung-joo as a fellow soldier. However, he does not see her romantically. The general accepts this, officially putting an end to the “love triangle.”
After dismissing Shi-jin, the general asks Myung-joo if she still likes Dae-young. She replies that she does and begins to protest when Dae-young is asked the same of her. Dae-young stops her and replies that he does in fact like her, openly admitting his feelings in front of her father.
The general reminds Dae-young that he had said he would lose this fight for Myung-joo’s sake. Instead of giving up, Dae-young takes her hand. No matter where the general sends him, Dae-young won’t let go of her. The general dismisses his daughter, forcing Dae-young to physically part with her, albeit temporarily. The general admits to Dae-young that his orders to keep Dae-young away from Myung-joo were dishonorable. Then he sincerely gives Dae-young permission to pursue a relationship with her and, perhaps, marry her. Dae-young’s surprised face might just be the most emotion we’ve seen from him in several episodes. However, it doesn’t last. The general has a condition. He won’t have a sergeant for a son-in-law. Dae-young must “take off” his uniform and join Myung-joo’s mother’s family business.
While Dae-young grapples with the general’s ultimatum, Shi-jin and Mo-yeon leave headquarters and drive back to the base. They stop to put fuel in the car. Mo-yeon asks Shi-jin why he didn’t want to date Myung-joo even though everything about her is perfect. He shuts her up with a few kisses. The romance is interrupted when Shi-jin heads off to pay for the petrol and runs into a child attempting to steal medicine from the store. The boy appears to be in bad shape, and Mo-yeon states that he is showing signs of the measles. They must go to his village to treat the people there before it spreads.
When they reach the village, something seems a bit off. Shi-jin radios in and requests that the soldiers track their GPS location. Immediately after making the request, the radio signal fizzles out. The soldiers on the other end inform Dae-young that there is no village on the map where the GPS signal was recorded. He tells them to retrieve Daniel and ask for his help, knowing that he is familiar with the local areas.
Meanwhile, Shi-jin and Mo-yeon proceed with caution and ask the locals questions about the other sick children. No one seems willing to talk to them, remaining silent until a girl, the one we saw earlier in a red dress, approaches. Thrilled to find that she speaks English, Mo-yeon warns her that the children need treatment or 70 percent of them could die or become disabled. The girl replies that it would be better to die. The boys in the village grow up to join gangs, and the girls are sold to a pimp when they are old enough. That day, it is her turn to be sold.
The girl says she will help Shi-jin and Mo-yeon if they will help her get away. Back at the camp, Daniel explains that the location on the map is a “phantom” village where war orphans gather and live. Gangs take control of the village and traffic the children.
Dae-young relays this information to Shi-jin, who somehow manages to get a cell phone signal, just as Agus and his crew arrive. Mo-yeon and Agus meet face-to-face. She is unaware of his identity and asks to take the sick children back to the field hospital. He ignores her request, telling her that she is too beautiful for such work. Then Shi-jin bursts between them. Mo-yeon asks if Shi-jin knows him, and Shi-jin refers to the story of the comrade he saved at the cost of his superior’s life.
Suddenly, the girl in the red dress shoots Agus from behind. He collapses, gravely wounded, and his men rush in with guns drawn. The girl begs Shi-jin, who has drawn his gun as well, to kill Agus so that they can escape. Agus’ men tell Mo-yeon to do something to save Agus as he bleeds out in the dirt.
Mo-yeon is visibly terrified. She hesitates and considers leaving Agus to die. Shi-jin tells her to save him. She is a doctor and saving lives is her job. If the opportunity to kill Agus should arise, that will be Shi-jin’s job.
Does Mo-yeon save Agus? Find out on the next episode available now on DramaFever.

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