Ayaka Returns With ‘Kotonoha’



Japanese songstress Ayaka will be releasing her first single in three years titled “Kotonoha.” Her 2014 hit “Nijiiro” being her last single.

For those who are unfamiliar with her work, but have played “Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core” will remember Ayaka’s gut-wrenching song “Why” being played during the heartbreaking ending of the game.

“Kotonoha” is currently being used for NHK’s drama “Tsubaki Bunguten.” “Tsubaki Bunten” follows the story of a young woman by the name of Hatoko, who takes over her late grandmother’s stationary story. Her job entails writing heartfelt letters in a representation of others. As the show progresses viewers will see Hatoko grow from a novice of the craft to an experienced young woman.

A clip for the upcoming music video was released on April 24th. The clip starts with a letter that opens, revealing paper cutouts of a mother and child with wings.


It shows the woman and child soaring through the sky only to have tragedy strike, leaving the child gravely injured. The mother is then shown nurturing her child and helping him during his healing process. Ayaka is present in the video as the story teller and controller of both cutouts.

The single will also include unreleased song “Sentiment” along with the instrumental to both songs.

“Kotonoha” is set to release on May 10th.


Official Website

Official YouTube


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