5 Reasons to Watch Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' (Spoilers)

If you haven’t had the chance to see Marvel’s Doctor Strange, here are five reasons that will make you want to see the Sorcerer Supreme in action.
Warning! Spoilers ahead.

1.) The plot
In the film, we are introduced to Doctor Stephen Strange, a talented neurosurgeon with the world at his fingertips. Thanks to his talent in the operating room, Strange leads a comfortable, luxurious life. Fast cars, fancy dinners and being able to pick and choose who he operates on are only some of the perks. Unfortunately, with skill comes arrogance.
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Strange cares for little other than himself and is blind towards the feelings and needs of others. This blindness nearly leads him to lose everything after an accident leaves him with broken, scarred hands incapable of performing surgery.
That is where things get interesting. He takes his entire fortune and spends it on trying to cover his hands. Eventually, he lands in in a foreign land and a place called Kamar-Taj. There, he studies under a woman called the Ancient One. She opens his eyes to the world of magic and things far beyond his belief. Strange also learns of a great darkness lurking in the world – one that he must fight.
2.) The cast
Doctor Strange boasts an all-star cast that does not fail to deliver. Benedict Cumberbatch leads in the role of Stephen Strange. Rachel McAdams plays a surgeon Christine Palmer, Strange’s former lover. Chiwetel Ejiofor portrays the warrior Karl Mordo, a fellow student of the Ancient One and Master of The Arts.

Strange 6
The choice of actress Tilda Swanson to portray the character of the Ancient One raised a bit of controversy, as the original character is pictured as an Asian male in the comic books.
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Mads Mikkelsen takes on the role of the villain Kaecilius, a former student of the Ancient One who seeks to unleash a dark force upon the world. Actor Benedict Wong plays Wong, the no-nonsense protector of Kamar-Taj artifacts and a fellow Master of The Arts. Fans may also recognize the familiar faces of Benjamin Bratt and Chris Hemsworth, who makes a cameo appearance in a post-credit scene.
3.) The visuals
This film is visually stunning. We first meet Strange in a very clean, sterile world that transitions into sleek luxury and then, eventually, into unkempt ruin. When he is introduced into the magical world, the film takes on a completely different air. The representation of power, magical and otherwise, is clean but fantastically realistic. It does not look cheesy or over done.
Strange 11Strange 3
4.) The action

Right along with the stunning visuals, the fight scenes in this movie showcase what Marvel can do. The use of power and special abilities are a part of the characters themselves. Strange struggles to grasp the magic at first and must endure grueling mental and physical training. When confronted by Kaecilius and his misguided disciples, he and Mordo race through bent worlds and battle through twisted dimensions.
Strange 13
5.) The Marvel tie-in
Warning: This is a very spoiler heavy point. Fans of the film franchise were no doubt waiting for the post-credit scene after the end of the movie. They were not disappointed. In the post-credit scene, we see Strange sitting across from Thor. The two men are discussing the problem of Loki, Thor’s brother, and his apparent presence on earth. Strange agrees to help Thor track down his wayward sibling, setting up a plot tie-in for one of the upcoming Marvel films.

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The post-credit scene gives fans a little taste of what they can expect. With Thor: Ragnorak scheduled to come out in November of this year and Black Panther expected for February next year, we already have several action packed films to look forward to.
If you want to experience the magic yourself, check out Doctor Strange on Netflix.

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