Jason Ray: KCON Convention Debut and More

I knew that I had heard one of my favorite YouTube personalities just by the sound of a 3 note run on Friday, June 23. Before KCON 2017 officially kicked off in New York, Austin-based artist Jason Ray was on an outdoor stage warming up for his debut at the convention. To those passing by early that morning, seeing him on the stage — keyboard guitar strapped across his body — was a passive sneak peek at someone preparing for a performance. To SunRays (his fandom name) like myself, this was a rare moment to witness his talent in person.

Jason Ray is not new on the scene when it comes to cover artists on YouTube. Not only does he sing K-Pop covers and original music, the Pop and R&B singer also produces each song; and films and edits and his videos. Ray was able to take a moment from his schedule to speak with us and encourage old and new listeners to anticipate more magic soon.

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3 thoughts on “Jason Ray: KCON Convention Debut and More

    1. I became a fan of his a little over 3 years ago and he’s gotten better and better with each move. I hope we can keep up with him well and continue to support him.

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      1. yeah, that’s around the time I first came across him too. He has really gotten alot better. Hopefully, we can keep up with him.


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