Spider-Man Homecoming: Trailer Breakdown

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back for Marvel‘s upcoming film, “Spider-Man Homecoming.”

The first trailer released by Marvel opens with Peter Parker, our favorite smart-mouthed web-slinger, doing what he does best — thwarting crime in the snazzy red spider suit given to him by Tony Stark in “Captain America: Civil War.”


It looks like Peter has had his hands full after joining Stark in the battle that split the Avengers team. The young teenager is still in high school. Girls, friends and apparent unpopularity are only the beginning of his troubles.


Peter looks to Stark for guidance in his new role as a hero. The advice he receives in the trailer is vague and perhaps a bit dismissive, though this may be on purpose. Tony’s voice-over accompanies images of Peter struggling to stay focused in school, wishing instead to revisit his time as a hero with the Avengers. Tony states that he knows Peter wants to “save the world,” but he isn’t ready.


Ned, Peter’s best friend,  may disagree. We see the teenager lose his cool just a little, glancing up to the ceiling, where he sees Peter creeping about in full costume … without a mask.


Tony’s voice-over continues, telling Peter to stay close to the ground and stay out of trouble. “Forget the flying monster guy. There are people who handle this sort of thing.” The “flying monster guy” is just that. Michael Keaton plays The Vulture, a man out to make his enemies pay at any cost. Peter complains that he is tired of being treated like a kid. With The Vulture’s appearance, he finally has his chance to prove himself.


The trailer shows shots of the Washington Monument and Peter’s classmates, suggesting that they are on a field trip of sorts. That does not stop Peter from putting on the mask and taking a flying leap over a helicopter, apparently to save his friends.


The Vulture isn’t going to make that easy for Peter. We see him tell the high school hero that he will hurt everyone Peter loves. The trailer closes with a shot of someone causing an explosion on a ferry and Peter struggling to hold it together. Peter certainly has his work cut out for him.

With a cast including Tom Holland as Peter Parker, Robert Downey Jr., Michael Keaton, Zendaya as Michelle and Marissa Tomei reprising her role as Aunt May, “Spider-Man Homecoming” is already set to bring a new level of excitement into the Marvel film franchise. If you want to see more trailers and catch a few hints about Peter’s involvement in the upcoming Marvel movies, check out the latest from Marvel Entertainment.

(Images via Marvel Entertainment, YouTube.)


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