MACG Magazine And Worldwide Contributors Celebrate The Release Of Hallyu Wave Retrospective

MACG Magazine released “From Psy to Worldwide: A Retrospective of the Hallyu Wave from 2012 – 2017” on Dec. 1, 2017. This MACG Magazine Special Edition was developed over the course of several months with contributions from voices at several intersections in Korean entertainment commentary. Although the phenomenon known as the Korean Wave has been in action since the 1990s, the impact of the past five years has been groundbreaking and more aggressive in its global approach and impact.

“When I started speaking with our team about my idea during this past summer, the idea was abstract,” shared Ashley C. Griffin, Editor-in-Chief of MACG Magazine. “Our editors fleshed the concepts out and worked considerably with various writers’ and tastemakers’ schedules to make this vision a reality.” Heading much of the editing process and design was Cy White, Assistant Managing Editor for the magazine. “Some of the team were negatively impacted by (hurricanes) Harvey and Irma, which made correspondence difficult. Cy definitely kept the momentum going to complete the project.”

The retrospective highlights thoughts and experiences on unforgettable moments in Korean popular music and dramas, beginning with the influences of 2012 — more particularly, as the title would suggest, the unexpected trajectory of Psy and his titular hit, “Gangnam Style.” Contributions from names such as Love X Stereo, Hallyu Noona and Alie Bianco, photographer for LIFE Magazine, brought unique colors outside of the MACG Magazine writers.

The retrospective is available on, the parent company of MACG Magazine. Physical copies will be available for purchase on December 11, 2017.


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