Taemin Drops Sexy, Sensual ‘Thirsty’ Performance Video

Not even a month after the release of his title track “MOVE,” Lee Taemin returns with the video for the ever so sexy and sensual “Thirsty.”

The youngest member of SHINee is playing no games and taking no prisoners. Taemin’s voice softly whispers “Thirsty” while ice cubes clink in a glass, all before the beat has a chance to come in. Upon its entry during the first verse, an instant heady and dream-like haze drops over the track. “When I’m in front of you, I get thirsty, yeah,” Teamin confesses, “My whole body trembles, my breath gets hot / I’m too thirsty to just look at you … I can’t hold back, not in the slightest.”

The performance-focused video is just as captivating and seductive as the lyrics. Showing out in two ensembles, one red and one white, Taemin commands attention, and the eyes cannot leave him until the video’s end.

(YouTube, Color Coded Lyrics.)


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