[Breaking News] G.Soul to Enlist After Christmas

Hold your breath, K-R&B fans. One of Korea’s most soulful singers, G.Soul, is set to enlist on Dec. 26. According to sources at Star News, the R&B vocalist will begin his basic training with the Cheolwon Army 6th Division.
As early as February of this year, G.Soul (whose real name is Kim Ji-hyeon) has shown emphatic interest in enlisting. In fact, he revealed plans to enlist as an active-duty soldier, taking a path less traveled by his peers in the entertainment industry, many of whom chose to fulfill their duties as part of the military police.
It is perhaps unsurprising the experimental R&B crooner has opted to serve his mandatory twenty-one month tour with the ROK Army as a full-fledged soldier. G.Soul is no stranger to hard work and earning his stripes the old-fashioned way. After all, this is the man who at the age of thirteen was set to debut as a part of JYP‘s attempt to break into the US market. When complications arose, he voluntarily spent the next 15 years in New York, developing his voice, honing his writing and producing skills and working with veritable musical giants. Undeniably JYP’s longest trainee, he finally debuted in 2015 with the aptly titled “Coming Home,” an EP that was a culmination of a decade and a half of tireless dedication to his craft.

Prior to the release of his second full EP, “Circles,” he officially cut ties with JYP, leaving daughter label Studio J to sign with Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone‘s H1GHR Music. An almost two-year absence of an extended body of music (two single albums notwithstanding) gave us his most eclectic and emotionally open piece of work to date. There’s no doubt his experiences in the military will birth more hard-fought eloquence.
The world will be a slightly less soulful place without his elegant voice and masterful lyricism. Here’s hoping G.Soul has a safe and quick service and he returns to us hungrier than ever to bring some of his brilliance to the world.
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