BTS – "Spine Breaker" M/V Review

BTS just can’t chill in their music video “Spine Breaker.” Be prepared to dance until your back aches.
The official video, which takes place entirely in a hotel, is delightful, goofy and fun. It opens by listing Rap Monster as the director, J-Hope as assistant director, Jung Kook as the cameraman and Jimin as the luggage guy. V has the title and task of “mental carer,” and Suga, oddly enough, is credited as Bab Cha, which apparently translates to “food truck.” One can only hope that the group had plenty of munchies to keep them going through their self-made video.
Spine Breaker 3
“Spine Breaker” gets rolling with Suga. He rises majestically from behind some suitcases and shows off his dance moves. He lays down the first rap lines, and Rap Monster snatches us all with the next ones. The rest of the group joins in with lyrics about rock and roll and swagger.
Spine Breaker 2
The video just gets better from there. The entire group is dressed in sunglasses and pastel pearl-decorated tweed jackets that would be better suited for well-aged ladies. Still, the boys of BTS pull the look off with style. They show off a little bling here and there. We see text flash the words rich, richer, poor and poorer, and when we see Jimin tucked snugly into bed, dollar signs flicker on the lenses of his sunglasses.
Spine Breaker 1.png
Though this video has the appearance of being light-hearted and funny, the lyrics are certainly worth a closer look. They call out some of the problems revolving around a younger generation that is only concerned with fashion, appearance, and status rather than the hard work their parents did in order to provide for them. A portion of the chorus includes the lyrics:

“(La la la la la la la la la)
You are a spine breaker
(La la la la la la la la la)
Your parents’ spine breaker.”

Even the choreography suggests tired backs. The members prance around in circles and then slump over, repeatedly bending their spines while singing about spine breakers. It is a fantastic song and a clever video. Fans may take different meanings from the lyrics, but BTS definitely makes a statement.
(Images Courtesy of VLive.)

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