[Promotion] Introducing *JOY*

The experimental artist, known as *JOY* plans to release three EPs in as many months, revealing his self-proclaimed, lifelong passion for music. Heavily influenced by New Zealand folk and traditional Japanese music, *JOY* carries with him a sound both modern and ancient. His signature is unmistakable; his combination of “gritty beats, piano, vocal cuts and twinkling dashes of sound” make for a unique experience for all who consider themselves music lovers.

The first released, The Music To Live For” — which currently rotates through Australasia — features eight songs, each one as mystifying as the last. The upcoming EP release “Ghost” is due out this winter. *JOY* features a few Christchurch’s Veteran musicians such as Harry Harrison on guitar and ukulele and Naomi Hnat, a cellist from Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. Even though many of the songs are instrument focused, the award-winning singer-songwriter Lucy Hiku lends her talent as *JOY*’s resident vocalist.

Look forward to the release of the December EP!

(Official Website, BandcampYouTube.)


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