Ryu Guesthouse Offers Travelers Reasonable Luxury In Gangnam

In every place that I’ve visited, I try my best to schedule time at a hostel or guest
house. You’re surrounded by natives and other travelers, usually close to dependable
public transportation, and saving money in the process. For my first holiday weekend
away from Daegu, I reserved 2 nights at Ryu Guesthouse, one of the most well-situated
guest houses I have ever experienced.
Located just a short walk from the busy Seoul Subway, Ryu Guesthouse is located in
the center of Gangnam, the high-end district of the capital city. Although located in a
desirable tourist zone (not to mention, ideal positioning for medical tourism in the
Beauty Belt), Ryu Guesthouse is nestled within a quiet and discreet area. Talk about
perfection during the busy Christmas holiday!
I reserved a space in a VIP 1 room–one of 6 different accommodation styles–and
was greeted upon arrival by Danny Ryu, the owner of the guest house. After a swift
check-in process (cash, credit and international cards are accepted), Mr. Ryu led me up
the stairs to my room. “Is this place a converted villa?” I thought to myself. The
hallways leading to each room felt similar to my villa back in Daegu. That’s as far as
similarities go because when we reached my room I was immediately awestruck.
Everything was modern, luxurious and very spacious.
Mr. Ryu later revealed to me that the guest house opened in April 2016 so many of
the amenities were still new. There were automatic lockers similar to what you’d find in
an expensive gym (when I mentioned I first experienced these type of lockers in
American jjimjilbangs, we laughed!), a deep wash basin within the room and two shower
spaces in the washroom. The bed was comfortable and had a familiar pattern on it as
well–the bed set was one I used to own in America from IKEA!
Aside from the security that I felt while staying there, I was pleased by the vibe of
Mr. Ryu’s breakfast hours. He played holiday music and contemporary songs that set a
tone just as warm as the lovely kitchen interior. The selection was small but very filling,
and he happily made Americanos for any guest who asked. To learn more, visit
the official website and tell Danny Ryu where you heard about his amazing
facility. He will be glad that you did.
I cannot wait to return to this guest house soon!
(Ryu Guesthouse, The Hotel Nexus)

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