Nintendo Reveals Labo And You Seriously Have To See And Get This Now

Although I don’t usually write with many exclamation points for MACG Magazine, I’m stepping out of character a bit and saying what you’ll be thinking: “Oh my goodness, I want this thing. I have to have it!” Check out the promotion video for Nintendo Labo and then flail with excitement!

On January 17, Nintendo revealed the do-it-yourself accessory for their Switch console.  The cardboard line comes in sets with branded pieces, allowing users to follow the directions for building pre-designed “Toy-Con” creations. Marketing images and videos show that Switch Joy-Con (the detachable controllers for the handheld device) are easily integrated in the cardboard creations, as well.
Labo is scheduled to launch in April of this year and cardboard has never been cooler than this in the world of gaming. Do you see this?! You can be all the things! You can have all the things, too!
(Bloomberg Techonlogy, Polygon, YouTube)

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