Queen T to Return With a New Single in February

Fans of Yoon Mi-rae (aka Queen T) can rejoice. The Korean-American hip-hop legend is returning with another single in early February.
Her husband, the equally legendary godfather of Korean hip-hop Tiger JK, broke the news on in his Instagram on Jan. 25, and it was confirmed on Feel Ghood Music‘s Instagram the same day.ย It was only a matter of time before fans found out, but hearing the news straight from the source has the added effect of ringing a little more true than if it came from the sometimes temperamental whims of a label and its management.

Though there aren’t any details about the song in terms of genre and composition, what can be considered a concept photo and a release date were both attached to the respective Instagram posts. Fans have until Feb. 2 to prepare for the Queen’s return.
(Instagram [1][2].)

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