Zion. T Announces His North American Tour

On Jan. 27, K-R&B artist Zion. T just announced the dates for his North American tour and the internet is casually freaking out.

The twenty-eight-year-old South Korean singer brought his smooth talent to the scene in 2013 and has yet to let up. In an entertainment industry dominated by fast pop and catchy hits, Zion. T’s signature smooth vocals bring back timeless class. Collaborations with game changers like Crush and DEAN are only the tip of the iceberg. Zion. T has been featured on works by powerhouse artists that include G- Dragon, Psy and the late Jonghyun.

Fans can expect to be blown away when Zion. T hits Canada and North America. Though no ticket prices have been released, early planners can get a head start by checking out the dates and locations for this coming March. As of now, the tour includes stops in New York, Toronto, Dallas, San Jose, Vancouver and Los Angeles.

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(Instagram, YouTube.)


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