Sunmi Takes Center Stage in ‘Heroine’

Following her wild success with “Gashina,” Sunmi returns with her new single “Heroine.” The 26-year-old (25 internationally) starlet plays the lead in a stage production-esque video while the song comments on the supposed sad conclusions of relationships.

Sunmi spends much of the video dancing in a free interpretive style, which suits the airy and light texture of the verses. It’s also very different from choreography frequently seen in K-pop, which heavily favors sharp and synchronized movements. Whether by herself, in a duo or with backup dancers, Sunmi appears comfortable in this freedom as she walks through curtains, transitioning from set to set.

“Do whatever you want / even if you’re mean and you make me sad,” she sings in the pre-chorus. “You need to be yourself / even if it hurts me and it is [a] sad ending.” Though ending a relationship can be upsetting, it’s clear there’s an optimistic take for Sunmi in these lyrics. Nothing lasts, and nothing’s perfect. “The show must go on.”

Support Sunmi by watching the music video and buying and streaming “Heroine” now!



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