SHINee's Jonghyun Shines Oh So Brightly in 'Shinin'

On Jan. 22, 2018, SM Entertainment released the the late Kim Jonghyun‘s music video for his song “Shinin’,” which is the title track off of his posthumous album, “Poet | Artist.”

“Shinin'” is a true testament to Jonghyun’s love of syncapated rhythms and funky percussion. His voice floats and lilts over a ’80s-esque dance breakdown while a tasteful trap beat interjects periodically through the verses, allowing the singer to showcase his rapping skills.
The video has no shortage of bright colors or lights, making the title of the song that much more prominent. Jonghyun himself seems to glow as he wears a lot of white and shows off white-blonde hair. “Baby come in / Always be with you ” Jonghyun promises in the chorus, and his fans believe him. He’s still with them and always will be.
You can stream and buy “Poet | Artist” now! What are your favorite songs on the album? Let us know!
(YouTube, SM Entertainment.)

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