Astro Fanmeet: Los Angeles

On Sunday, Feb. 4, K-pop group ASTRO held their second fanmeet in North America at The Novo in Los Angeles, California. All VIP ticket holders had reserved seats throughout the venue by tier (P1, P2, P3), which helped to make the overall atmosphere very relaxing and thus the fanmeet a lot more enjoyable.
While most fans (myself included) were fixated on the stage, I couldn’t help but notice a beautiful sight. An ASL translator stood at the very left corner of the stage, translating for one of the patrons. I do not know if the event organizer, KpopMe!, arranged for the translator to be there for a fan or if the fan had brought the translator themselves. Regardless, it was nice to see, and I hope to see this at more concerts and fanmeets in the future.
Members Jin Jin and Rocky kicked off the fanmeet with a fascinating and elaborate dance that led in to their song “Again.” It comes as no surprise that most K-pop idols are incredible dancers, since their training never stops. However, I was particularly impressed by ASTRO’s choreography and their stamina on stage.
The group took some time to address their fans and answer questions submitted through social media. One of the questions drawn was, “What are the members’ goals for 2018?” Some of the answers include better health for all the members, a prosperous year as artists and a lot more events (concerts) for their fans. The screams were so loud, it was hard to make out what was being said sometimes. One thing is certain: not a single person sat in their seat throughout the fanmeet.

After the group performed “Crazy Sexy Cool,” it was time for games. For the first game, the members were divided into two teams, youngest members vs. oldest. Each group had to guess the content of a box. Up first were the three oldest members: MJ, Jin Jin and Eun-woo. After loud cheers of encouragement from the fans, each of the members took turns touching the contents in the box. After the members took a few seconds to settle on a single answer, the three decided the content was tapioca. Next up were the three youngest members: Moon Bin, Rocky and San-ha. Once all members had a chance to touch the content of the box, the group guessed incorrectly and lost. The losing team’s punishment was to be tickled by the winning team, although surprisingly none of the three were ticklish.
The second game was called “Body Language.” The premise was to guess as many songs by only watching your partner dance, with no music. The losing teams would need to do a sexy pose for the fans. The members were separated into three teams by randomly picking colored strips. The first pair consisted of the two oldest members, MJ and Jin Jin. The second pair was Eun-woo and Moon Bin. Last but not least were the two youngest members, Rocky and San-ha. With a total of six points, Rocky and San-ha won the second game.
After performing a couple more songs, ASTRO took some time to say goodbye to their fans in the best way possible, with a heartfelt song and gummy bears.

The members look forward to seeing their fans again, and Moon Bin promised that ASTRO will back with a full concert tour, not just a fanmeet. They made sure to show their love and appreciation to everyone in attendance, addressing all the fans, showing extra love to those on the second floor and hidden in the back.
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