Here's How You Can Visit Jeju Island for FREE!

The Jeju Tourism Organization is offering an exciting way to visit Jeju Island — for FREE!
Foreign students residing in South Korea are invited to Jeju Island during the 70th Anniversary of the Jeju Uprising that took place on April 3, 1948.
In order to be considered, complete the application here. If accepted for one of the 20 spots, you will receive a free round-trip air ticket and a 2-night stay in a Jeju hotel. Winners are invited to experience the magnificence of Jeju Island as well as engage in cultural comparison and exchange.
The application period ends March 18, 2018. The event will take place March 30-April 6.
For more information and the application, go to the Visit Jeju website. Mobile users, click here.
(Jeju Tourism Organization Travel Blog.)

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