Former Leader, Vocalist, and Lead Dancer of Korean pop boy band 100%

100% Lead Singer Seo Min Woo Dead At 33

On March 25 it was TOP Media reported that Seo Min Woo, lead vocalist of K-pop boy band 100%, was found dead in his home due to cardiac arrest in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. The entertainer was 33 years old.

“Min Woo-kun was the eldest brother of the team, and he has been leading the members well and has many friends who really love the members and fans,” stated Top Media. “Everyone who knows Min-woo is more sad because they know his tenderness and sincerity.”
TOP MEDIA 100% statement

Top Media was founded by Andy Lee, member of the legendary K-pop group SHINHWA, and 100% debuted under his direction in 2012. The group recently had a Japanese comeback and mini album with the release of “Song for you” on Feb. 14. Min Woo completed his mandatory military service in December 2015 and was a stage actor prior to joining 100%.

Funeral arrangements will be held quietly according to the will of the family.

(Images via TOP MediaNewsweek)


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